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Global handset outlook June 5, 2008

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Wireless.
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Mobile Web Summit: please stop this 2.0 thing! May 12, 2008

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Wireless.
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I was reading my daily news on Services Mobiles edited by Christophe Romei when I saw this: Mobile Web 2.0 Summit June 11th and 12th in London!

I’m not that cynical, and amongst speakers there are some people I know very involved in their position but also who knows to handle some topics with care.

So I join some voices here and there to say: stop using this “2.0” miracle concept!

Mobile Web has not yet reached 0.5 level. Can you tell me the situation of i-mode in Europe? Can you give me some evidence that Mobile Web (in Europe) has started in some places? Can you give me some reasonable and clear data offer you can find at the moment? Speed of browsing? Quality of look & feel?

Mobile Web, through it’s distribution situation, has not moved since 2005 when I started to work in this industry for a video game publisher. Or just a few maybe…

Some of the topics:

Mobile Web 2.0 – uniqueness that creates new value

Mining for data – what tools can we use to understand the Mobile Web 2.0 user?

Determining who has the value in the value chain (good question, we know the answer…for the moment)

Mobile Web 2.0 – debating the definition

The role of Mobile Web 2.0 in advertising and brand impact – revenue potential or just another fad?

Two Tribes or One World? – sharing content between web 2.0 and the Mobile Web 2.0 experience

Blogger panel session: this year’s hits and misses

Ensuring excellent end to end user experience and quality of service

Operator Strategy – Mobile Web 2.0 and the networks

Come on, is that really topics of a matured business? Unfortunately I’ll be somewhere in Mountain View in the US at this date, and mobile is just a part of my new activities. So will not attend anyway!

I remain passionate about mobile but compared to the experience I faced for almost 3 years, I can see a kind of gap… If you want a comparison, mobile web is in kind of situation when web himself was proposed by companies like AOL. You said? 10 years ago?

Guys, good luck and enjoy the show!

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