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Win America Campaign November 25, 2011

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Jobs.
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There are a lot of discussions in my country about tax exemptions that some big corporations can have, in order to maintain jobs in France for Total, L’Oreal and whatever else. Even though the proportion of employees living abroad might be significant in some cases, whatever.

In the US, this is the story: this Win America lobby, with Tech titans like Google, Cisco, Apple, Oracle wants a tax break (From 35% to 5.25%) on foreign profits they return (“repatriate”) and create millions of jobs.

“We have the choice: bring the money home”.

French Government: bad defense. US Corporations: probably a good attack. This makes all the difference between the 2 countries. Jobs in those companies are mostly “at home” . Where are they in France? Nuclear industry probably?!

As we use to say in France, “la meilleure défense, c’est l’attaque”. I think you got it. Crisis is a fight.

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