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Web in 60 seconds… June 23, 2011

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Thank you @Guillaume_

2K? Of what? June 4, 2009

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2K? Of what?

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I reached 2,000 followers, which is nothing of course but mainly I really don’t get how counters is increasing, there is no relation between notifications of new followers I get and the growth of my followers number…

Is this the application of sometimes lie rules in the Valley? Well I mean sometimes figures mentioned are not real… neither realistic 😉

Most of all, regarding the rules I’ve decided to follow every (serious) follower, it’s hard to get something out of Twitter now… except some instant conversations sometimes.

Does it worth hundred of millions? Not sure…

Well, just a final comment: 10K updates!!! How did I do that!!!

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(FR) Les tendances du web en 2009 December 21, 2008

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Video in French: the pitch is “Tell us your feeling about Web in 2009 with just 2 words”.

Definitely if you have the question, and don’t really have the time to think about it: forget your job or product please, smile but think positive.

My point was: “caillase” means “money”.
I tell you, we gonna find money from this web. I Found some in 2008 with projects like WatZatSong.com
It’s all possible. Just do it (thank you N.).

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Notifixio.us is looking for beta testers May 27, 2008

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Notifixio.us is a new venture launched last February by a French creative guy living in San Francisco, Julien Genestoux.

Notifixio.us (pronounce notifixious) is a notifiction tool. RSS technology from Julien’s point of view is not used a lot so this is an example of simple tool…

How does it work?

  • Select your favorites sources of information on the web : blogs, news sites, webservices (online banking, twitter…), social platforms ( LinkedIn, Seesmic…)
  • Enter your favorite communication tools : email, instant messaging (MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, Skype…), SMS, or even your facebook account
  • And be notified on these communication tools when a something new happens in any of your favorite source!

You wanna get an invite: follow Julien on Twitter and ask him an invite!

And come back to give your feedback!!!

Simple tools on web are really good to promote!

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