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Web2.0 and crisis… October 13, 2008

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Crisis, crisis… we live in a world faster than ever. Communication runs fast, rumours go fast… But crisis, what crisis?!

Strategy and Business ModelsMarketing and CommunityDesign & User ExperienceDevelopment… Video… Mobile… Results ranking… Profiling… Advertising… It’s all the beginning, and we all know that!

This line is the Net Profit of a company founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar. 13 years but was about the others? They’re making their own way, and it takes time.

I discussed today with a young entrepreneur. There is still a lot of things to learn from how tracking audience, traffic issues, profiling changes, … This is was part of his analysis of Internet business actually. It’s not a new thing.

Just come to Web2.0 in Berlin and learn about best up to date practices. Come and listen some investors like Saul Klein, visionary entrepreneurs like Martin Varsavsky or Rafi Haladjian. Be inspired, feel inspired and leave bankers, politics care about coming regulations. Forget entrepreneurs with their business model, unless you’re on the Board or shareholder, it’s not your problem.

And please stop about crisis. Let’s work still, and make it big.

My point? We know the situation, we knew about the situation, “subprime” or not. That’s it!

Read this.


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Mobile 2.0 at Web 2.0! September 22, 2008

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The first conference at Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin will be dedicated to Mobile 2.0, presented by Brian Fling from Fling Media. Mobile topic for starting Web 2.0: any symbol?

The objective of this workshop will be a comprehensive and in-depth tutorial on not only designing and developing mobile web sites from concept to completion, but also how to integrate mobile technology into desktop web sites and web applications.

To be honest, I think “Mobile 2.0” means nothing except trying giving some consideration to an industry which is still too many controlled in terms of distribution (I mean facility and pricing) by carriers.

But developing applications on mobile request specific knowledge in terms of technology and use of mobile. That’s good stuffs to get from Brian.

Planning mobile web strategy is another thing:

– small audience (growing now?)

– expensive price to pay for development

Well so huge amount of money to start to get audience but with which rate of ROI? Brian, we’ll be listening to you with many attention!

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Ignite in Paris… very soon! May 2, 2008

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I’m pleased to announced the first Ignite in Paris to come… book your evening on June 20th!
Ignite? I have already published some videos from the Web2.0 chapter in San Fran last week… I really loved the concept and the atmosphere. Check this new one, and start your work for maybe be on the show next month…

The pitch is “Around the world geeks have been putting together Ignite nights to show their answers”. Great!

Giving access to the audience for people, the one you don’t know, the one you do no meet offently, the one you’re not used to listen…is to me a real interesting thing. That’s one of the main reason why I proposed to O’Reilly team to do it…

Again it’s late, more to come by this Monday!

Ignite Web 2.0 Expo SF II: James Levy – Medill Eats Its Own Dog Food April 23, 2008

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What’s Ignite?
If you had five minutes on stage what would you say? What if you only got 20 slides and they rotated automatically after 15 seconds? Would you pitch a project? Launch a web site? Teach a hack? This occurred during Ignite SF at Web 2.0 Expo SF.

In the aftermath of a serious trust scandal, a journalism school asks tough questions about its future. Transparently.

This was the more surprising presentation we had…really!

web2.0 EXPO April 23, 2008

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Yes, the Conference has started.

Yes, I’m attending.
No, I’m not doing the pre-announcements thing, blogging everyday and blablabla.
Yes, I’m working hard on it.
Yes I will give some feedback.
Yes, it’s a cool event, interesting.

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