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Virtual dressing room in action October 13, 2010

Posted by Phil Jeudy in e-commerce.
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You can use augmented reality now with some website, find your next look on virtual fitting room, share it on Facebook. Not so easy to manage, and I feel not 17 anymore to make it happen. My wife’s daughter made it in 2 minutes. She’s 17.

I supposed technology was a kind of 7-77 years old stuff. Not yet.

Tr#mce_temp_url#y it anyway, and send me your picture to benchmark user experience.

E-commerce and technology October 12, 2010

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Business, e-commerce.
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I’m currently working on a special e-commerce mission… and I’m very excited by some technologic chalenge I can see in terms of platform, audience and tools.

Would you try Zugara before go shopping?!

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