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Taka yak ty (Unofficial) July 31, 2011

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I’m glad to share this beautiful video composed for this song. They are both sensational. Ukraine can provide such great talent… not just in Tech obviously!

Okean Elzy – Taka yak ty (Unofficial) from Nikolaev Andrey on Vimeo.

(fr) Il y a du Business B2B pour les plateformes de video chat April 15, 2011

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I wanna Seesmic... but I can't :( by Philjeudy

Je l’ai toujours dit. Utilisateur de Seesmic Video de la première heure ou presque, mes interventions n’avaient pas d’autre but que d’observer l’utilisation, le fonctionnement, et accessoirement jouer avec le site et ses utilisateurs.

Mais j’ai rapidement conclu qu’il y avait quelque chose a faire avec ce type d’échanges dans le domaine des services (banque, assurances, …). C’était évident. Pas un job facile, mais on n’a jamais dit que le B2B était une chose facile a développer.

La Société Générale va le faire. Je pense que je vais ouvrir un compte pour la peine, et parler a mon responsable de compte en direct de San Francisco. Je suis même prêt a payer pour ça. Le news ici sur Locita.

(fr) Under the radar : Plymedia March 6, 2011

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Créé en 2006, PLYMedia se spécialise dans le développement, la conception, la fabrication et le déploiement d’une plateforme video interactive et multi-dimensionnelle. PLYMedia offre une gamme d’applications axées sur la prestation personnalisée, interactive et améliore la technologie web vidéo en creant de nouveaux contextes au sein de la video (pour convertir les téléspectateurs de passif en téléspectateurs actifs…).
Il y a differentes solutions :
– ajouter des sous-titres a des videos streamees live,
– integrer des elements de traduction a l’interieur des videos
– inserer des images, du texte
La societe est basee a Palo Alto.
Des demonstrations sont disponibles sur le site de PLYMedia.

Une societe candidate a une visite pour le prochain Geektrip ?!

12seconds is shutting down on October 22nd… Fuck October 4, 2010

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I received a sad email today…

“Nearly 3 years ago, David Beach and I decided to grab a beer at a local pub and talk about startup ideas.  I told him a dumb idea and he told me about one called 10seconds.  I said, “we should do that one.”  He said, “okay.”  And that was it.  That is until we figured out that 10seconds.tv was already taken.  12seconds sounded pretty good to us too…”

“12seconds is not a failure – it is a life well-lived.  It really is about the journey.  I know this because I’m at the destination. ”

Sol Lipman is a great guy, but this business is not that easy, Loic Le Meur could confirm for sure.

How to get traction, get people using the platform, make the audience growing, making people pay through any freemium offer…

I’m a fan of this kind of tool, and I’m not using it: it shows how hard this video conversation can be tough to develop, maintain, scale.

EXPLORE… that’s what should be done. I would like to have more time to do it… because I think there is a lot of use cases.

Thank you Sol for having tried, and see you very soon!

Last message from Sol:

“You’re thinking, “holy crap I made like 1000 12second videos, what do I do?”  Later this week, we’re going to release a download tool for you to capture those moments in time.  It will be available until we pull the plug – on October 22nd.”

Thank you Sol, I leave them to the Eternity of Internet…

Rencontres Improbables on Seesmic January 19, 2010

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I started to use video when Seesmic started its project in 2007.
It was a very interesting way of using technologies for developing some conversations, relationships, projects, etc.

Loic LeMeur’s vision was “avant-garde” at this time,  by proposing something very new, innovative.
I would do everything to develop a comparable video platform. I thought about some ideas around this kind of platform, about use cases and monetization.

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Reulf June 14, 2009

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In a black & white Paris, little creatures with paintbrush decide to brighten up the city…

Reulf is student project from University of Paris VIII directed by Quentin Carnicelli, Charles Klipfel & Jean-François Jégo as part of our graduate program in Arts and Technologies de l’Image.
Music composed by Robert le magnifique & Olivier Mellano.

Source: MRY

“Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn” April 16, 2009

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Dir Alex de Campi / anim Jorden Oliwa

Source: Dailymotion newsletter lol

Mr Pain July 18, 2008

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Francis is preparing something he was dreaming about since he started to play music…
Really impatient to see magic come true.
Another American Dream to be achieved.

Qub from Talantis Channel May 27, 2008

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Subscribe to this channel on Youtube!
Thinking about doing something with this company

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My first video on flickr April 9, 2008

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My first video on flickr

Originally uploaded by Philjeudy

Video on flickr…well!

But seems there is still an issue by blogging the video.

Too bad, the experience was perfect up to now.

Next try, if everything works, then I’ll tell little bit more about my views on that enhancement.

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