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(fr) Le Blog d’etat de Twitter May 13, 2011

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Silicon Valley, Web.
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Le Blog de l'etat de Twitter by Philjeudy
Le Blog de l’etat de Twitter, a photo by Philjeudy on Flickr.

L’internationalisation d’une société, notamment en ce qui concerne celle publiant un site web a haute fréquentation n’est jamais une affaire simple.
Sortir de ses frontières commercialement ou en terme d’audience, affronter un langage qui n’est pas le sien, une culture qui vous est étrangère… quelle galère !
Quand on a acquis une certaine notoriété, c’est a ce moment que l’on a besoin de cet état d’esprit “startup” :
– on est dans le one-shot, une chance, une balle a chaque fois, si on manque notre coup, on est pénalisé, sur plus ou mois long terme. En plus, sur Internet, il y a les Bloggers, une sacre tranche d’utilisateurs…
– on prend soin du détail : la perfection est indispensable quand on sort de ses bases, on ne peut pas se permettre l’a-peu-près, ça fait un peu désordre avec les normes corporate,
– on ne fait pas les choses a moitie, on prend des bases, on localise localement, c’est dur d’avoir une vue de ce qui se passe a distance, cela évite des erreurs de jeunesse.

J’ai choisi l’exemple de cet écran de Twitter qui est apparu en Français (ce qui est étrange, je n’utilise pas le Français sur Twitter, et mon adresse IP doit être Américaine) en m’invitant a rejoindre le “blog d’état” qui s’avère être l’état des “status” en Anglais de la plateforme… qui n’est qu’en Anglais. J’aurai personnellement traduit cela autrement, quitte a faire un peu d’anglicisme, on est de toute façon dans du langage Geek dans la mesure ou l’on parle de 2 Millions de visiteurs uniques début 2011 avec Twitter.
Même le grand Twitter a ses propres défauts, ceci afin de consoler les petits Frenchies qui s’évertuent a vivre la grande aventure au pays de la Silicon Valley.
Au delà de ses frontières, même combat. I wish I could help you more guys on this matter. To be followed.

Is that a social network BigBang?! January 3, 2010

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Web.
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Twitter efficiency?!

Originally uploaded by Philjeudy

I’m very impressed how people can reach high level of connections on social network platforms like Twitter in a short period…

Almost 3K Followers with just 41 Tweets? How much did this user pay for that?!

This show the huge amount of work Twitter Team has to do to really become the network platform of 21st Century.

Hey, Mr Dorsey and so on: just make people pay to use Twitter (i’m ready to do so), that will help us to get out of these supposed fake users.

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2K? Of what? June 4, 2009

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Web.
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2K? Of what?

Originally uploaded by Philjeudy

I reached 2,000 followers, which is nothing of course but mainly I really don’t get how counters is increasing, there is no relation between notifications of new followers I get and the growth of my followers number…

Is this the application of sometimes lie rules in the Valley? Well I mean sometimes figures mentioned are not real… neither realistic 😉

Most of all, regarding the rules I’ve decided to follow every (serious) follower, it’s hard to get something out of Twitter now… except some instant conversations sometimes.

Does it worth hundred of millions? Not sure…

Well, just a final comment: 10K updates!!! How did I do that!!!

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Tired of all these shit on Twitter? May 5, 2009

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Fun.
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Non mais… Meh! 

Tired of all these shit on Twitter?

Originally uploaded by Philjeudy

Blues as a community vector on Twitter: when music meet passion June 1, 2008

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Music, Web.
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JOHNNY WINTER – Jumping Jack Flash (OGWT, 1974)

I share some words today on Twitter today with @lincompetent and @sarkopako I haven’t met yet IRL as we use to say (in real life, that’s the reason why I give their avatar name).

I’m using Foxy Tunes to send links on Twitter regarding music I’m listening to a iTunes.

Everything started with Rory Gallagher I was listening… @sarkopako said it was his favorite guitar man… Then I talked about Johnny Winter… and @lincompetent sent the link to this video on Youtube…

I don’t often meet people who are listening those two bluesmen. Twitter Power!

I love Twistori April 29, 2008

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This is the kind of things nice but not that important!
A geek use of Twitter
Just some colors and some words starting with:
“I love”, “I hate”, “I feel”, … picked up from Twitter streamline thanks to Summize.
Again a discovery from Chris Messina 😉

tweetclouds for PhilJ April 17, 2008

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tweetclouds for PhilJ

Originally uploaded by Philjeudy

I had fun testing tweetclouds that gives you a tag with all updates you made on Twitter. Real geek stuff indeed!

“Make a word cloud from a public Twitter stream”.

Well, first remark, Loïc will be happy. Now I know why many people mention Seesmic when they talk to me. Did not realize this.

“Mobile” has some success, but “pour”, “pas”, “que”, “sur” do not make me really confident on efficiency of tweetclouds mechanism…

Or (surely) really point out how French is a language with many words but poor meanings. Possible indeed.

Never forget to care about your updates on Twitter. Always.

2008 is Twitter Big Bang? April 13, 2008

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Web.
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The Twitter experience is to me the bigger one actually.

No demonstration, no big story. If you use it, you know.

If not, well follow me and just experience it!

Found on Eric Gonzalez’s Blog, who’s initiating a StartupLegalandFinanceBootcamp in Palo Alto. I’ll be there!


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