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2K? Of what? June 4, 2009

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2K? Of what?

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I reached 2,000 followers, which is nothing of course but mainly I really don’t get how counters is increasing, there is no relation between notifications of new followers I get and the growth of my followers number…

Is this the application of sometimes lie rules in the Valley? Well I mean sometimes figures mentioned are not real… neither realistic 😉

Most of all, regarding the rules I’ve decided to follow every (serious) follower, it’s hard to get something out of Twitter now… except some instant conversations sometimes.

Does it worth hundred of millions? Not sure…

Well, just a final comment: 10K updates!!! How did I do that!!!

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Open Social, Open Web, Open… April 4, 2008

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GeekTripSFO : le web social vu par Patrick Chanezon

Video in French

Patrick Chanezon knows what he’s talking about, and he does it well.

Whatever you think about global reasons leading Google to create Open Social, the web user experience is creating all those social network platform (Facebook, Bebo, Linkedin and others), are part of the answer of a need like in North Korea where online is an answer to youth miss of expression.

Personal and professional… not sure this duo is really what people are looking for. When people will get used to social network platform, they will request maybe only one…that would manage both issues on a better way than Facebook on one side and Linkedin on the other side are doing now. Or maybe people need this Janus faces again on web to identify themselves 😉

I think that what Patrick was talking about need to be discussed more in details. So interesting. Stay tuned and there will be more news about an upcoming thing. Promised, in English…

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