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Ok Go but don’t try to do this with you car February 10, 2012

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Why people don’t like bass solo… and bad Startup pitch November 12, 2011

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I had the chance to support a great young entrepreneur coming from France this week in Silicon Valley who has this charisma when it comes to be on stage: when he talks, you listen. He knows what he has to say, and he knows how to say it. His name is Ismael Nzouetom, he’s the CEO and co-founder of I-Dispo.

This pic is from a Tech event in Paris…

I just found this very interesting video today, just listen…

To be on stage for a startup pitch or a music concert, that’s is the same thing (almost): “Base your solo on the grove”… you must keep people’s attention. A startup is a hard job, involving a Team, many hours, days, months, personal commitment… Think when you give the pitch about to reflect all this and do the show! I saw Ismael doing the show at Founder Showcase, a Tech event is San Francisco, keep on going man!

When you start to pitch, don’t forget to grove. Audience feels it too! Like when you grove with your Team when you work. People wants to dance, like investors when they listen to you. Make them come dancing with your and their $. Or just blame yourself.

I learned a lot about those stuffs with another star from Cameroon, my bro Francis Jocky, when we did record his 3rd album “Sanctified” in Paris, and each time I saw him performing in concert. Music and startup, same fight! Get up, stand up guys!

Radiohead Bonus Cutomers April 22, 2011

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Radiohead has always something to propose to their fans and thank them for loyalty. This time, if you purchased The King Of Limbs album before 3:30pm (GMT) Monday 18th April, then you can download Supercollider / The Butcher here. If not, you can purchase it.

Those 2 songs worth it. Thank you guys!

Bonus number 2:  the following video is a mix of videos recorded by fans during a concert in Praha in 2009. 60 recordings and 6 pasionate people, plus Radiohead providing the masters from the show (they were impressed by the quality by what have been done), et voila!

Here the link to the website describing the projet and here all the videos available. A must, it’s like you’re were there!

African Tale now on iTunes: discover Francis Jocky true story April 12, 2011

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Francis Jocky left Cameroon a long time ago for France. An amazing story, tough though, an incredible talent, an awesome soul. I have no words enough in English to say how much I love this man, and how I’m happy for what’s happening for him this year.

Here a review from his new album on BlogCritics. We are use to this kind of compliments, he’s so talented.

MXP4 recruiting… Senior Community Manager – Social Music Games March 14, 2011

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Paris, FR or London, UK

MXP4, a leading developer of social music games on Facebook, is looking for a highly passionate and experienced Community Manager, fluent in both English and French, to be responsible of the relationship with our user community.

You will work with the game teams to communicate new features and events to the community, talk with the community to give their feedback to our game team, handle and build our customer support function and work with marketing to plan and coordinate marketing campaigns. More here.

I know MXP4 since the beginning, and I know the current CEO Albin Serviant very well.

If you think you have the right profile, don’t hesitate one sec. Working with Albin on this project might be a very good idea. Success is for soon I think. My great hope for the Team.

Watzatsong.com still on track! January 23, 2011

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I’m a proud Board Member of Watzatsong since 2007. Board Singer too, I did a demo so many often!

What is Watzatsong? Do you have a song stuck in your head but wonder “what’s that song“? Record a short sample of the tune online anonymously on WatZatSong. The WatZatSong Community will listen and tell you what song it is!

When I met with Raphael Arbuz, I strongly believed that his concept of crowd-sourcing in music could be very powerful. I joined the Team with a lot of enthuiasm, and ideas. I love music (I love to sing that’s why). We’ve been together  everywhere possible in France, in UK too, to develop the business and get some VC money. We had some deals with Universal Music, Cafe.com, Virgin Mobile, and more recently with Freshplanet. We failed so far finding investors. The community never stop to be active. We love our fans.

We developed the website to launch a musical quiz product, and the website is still so successful!

We have regularly some PR, it’s really amazing, look at this Gadget Show video…

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(fr) Les Labels (de musique) ne font pas leur boulot… November 16, 2010

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Je viens de finir un article pour Locita afin de parler d’un de mes themes favoris : la musique au sein de la technologie.

Depuis mon implication au sein de Watzatsong.com (une vraie revelation et une magnifique rencontre), une plateforme de crowdsourcing au service de la reconnaissance de chanson (entre autres, j’avoue etre un peu fatigue de parler de l’autre projet en co-production sur Facebook en ce moment…), et ma connaissance du domaine musical grace a la relation priviliegiee que j’entretiens avec l’artiste Francis Jocky qui vit aujourd’hui a New York, je regarde ce milieu avec grand interet. Et j’avoue peu d’engouement, sauf

(fr) Apres l’Elevator Pitch, l’Eleanor Speaks November 14, 2010

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Je suis en train d’ecrire un article (a suivre) pour Locita sur l’application Aweditorium que j’ai decouvert recemment et que j’aime bien… L’occasion d’ecrire sur la techno et la musique, un de mes sujets favoris, et merci au passage a Jeremy Benmoussa de me permettre de publier sur ce site de news…

Grace a cette nouvelle application iPad, j’ai pu decouvrir ce Groupe qui sait aussi innover au niveau de ses intruments… pour les services du clip…

J’aime decouvrir de nouveaux artistes, alors je souhaite bonne chance a James Miao (attention si tu cliques, baisse le son…), fondateur de la societe, pour qu’il continue a me faire decouvrir de nouveaux artistes comme ceux-ci !

Develop and play. Music and iPhone. October 29, 2010

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I’m very happy to develop my new offshore iPhone developer platform in Eastern Europe. The guys we work with are amazing, and not just because of their talent in programing. To be special in coding, you need to be special. Really special.

Look at Grisha… playing his own music… with an iPhone!

I know another musician, he’s the one with the guitar. He’s the guys behind the development of Crazy Cow, a game co-produced with Fresplanet, and CEO of Watzatsong.

Please don’t ask me who’s singing, I don’t recognize him…

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Coldplay at Apple October 17, 2010

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Apple TV update (after launch in 2006), iTunes10… and a big gift from Steve Jobs with Chris Martin from Coldplay singing a song from their new coming album.. Enjoy as I did !

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