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Web2.0 and crisis… October 13, 2008

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Web.
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Crisis, crisis… we live in a world faster than ever. Communication runs fast, rumours go fast… But crisis, what crisis?!

Strategy and Business ModelsMarketing and CommunityDesign & User ExperienceDevelopment… Video… Mobile… Results ranking… Profiling… Advertising… It’s all the beginning, and we all know that!

This line is the Net Profit of a company founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar. 13 years but was about the others? They’re making their own way, and it takes time.

I discussed today with a young entrepreneur. There is still a lot of things to learn from how tracking audience, traffic issues, profiling changes, … This is was part of his analysis of Internet business actually. It’s not a new thing.

Just come to Web2.0 in Berlin and learn about best up to date practices. Come and listen some investors like Saul Klein, visionary entrepreneurs like Martin Varsavsky or Rafi Haladjian. Be inspired, feel inspired and leave bankers, politics care about coming regulations. Forget entrepreneurs with their business model, unless you’re on the Board or shareholder, it’s not your problem.

And please stop about crisis. Let’s work still, and make it big.

My point? We know the situation, we knew about the situation, “subprime” or not. That’s it!

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