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U2 is Back! March 8, 2009

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U2 – Get On Your Boots Live Letterman 5th Night

You can buy on iTunes a version with 1 hour movie… the story plays all songs from the album. I love that concept, you have a different experience to discover the songs… the movie makes the music more visual, more in the moment for you.

To me music is intimately linked to the period I’m listening each album. Means that the things I’m living now will be in my mind linked to this U2 new album.

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Blues as a community vector on Twitter: when music meet passion June 1, 2008

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JOHNNY WINTER – Jumping Jack Flash (OGWT, 1974)

I share some words today on Twitter today with @lincompetent and @sarkopako I haven’t met yet IRL as we use to say (in real life, that’s the reason why I give their avatar name).

I’m using Foxy Tunes to send links on Twitter regarding music I’m listening to a iTunes.

Everything started with Rory Gallagher I was listening… @sarkopako said it was his favorite guitar man… Then I talked about Johnny Winter… and @lincompetent sent the link to this video on Youtube…

I don’t often meet people who are listening those two bluesmen. Twitter Power!

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