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Silicon Valley is hiring November 29, 2010

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I saw an amazing question on Quora.com with 86 answers I wanna share with you… some of them at least!

Eventbrite is recruitingFoursquare is recruiting, Quora is recruiting, Airbnb is recruiting, Cloudera is recruiting, StumbleUpon is recruiting, Thumtack is recruiting, Causes is recruiting, Square is recruiting, Meebo is recruiting, Bump is recruiting, Bloomreach is recruiting, TellApart is recruiting, TopProspect is recruiting, CampFireLabs is recruiting, Inkling is recruiting, Path is recruiting, gdgt is recruiting, Branchout is recruiting, 1000Memories is recruiting, Infoaxe is recruiting, StyleSeat is recruiting, AltiusEd is recruiting, Votizen is recruiting, Samasource is recruiting, Rethinkdb is recruiting, Kiva is recruiting, Kabam is recruiting, Mixpanel is recruiting, Aster Data is recruiting, Opower is recruiting, Appdynamics is recruiting, Plancast is recruiting, Identified is recruiting, Zendesk is recruiting, Qwiki is recruiting, Micello is recruiting, Lolapps is recruiting, Driverside is recruiting, Ubercab is recruiting, Vast is recruiting, Manymoon is recruiting, Formativelabs is recruiting, Twitter is recruiting, Cloudflare is recruiting, Yume is recruiting, Chegg is recruiting, Dropcam is recruiting, Atlassian is recruiting, Videola is recruiting, Baycitizen is recruiting, Skout is recruiting, Milo is recruiting, Shopkick is recruiting, Super Rewards is recruiting, Payvemnt is recruiting, Surveymonkey is recruiting, Crowdcast is recruiting,  Tunerfish is recruiting, Playdom is recruiting, Mixbook is recruiting, NextNY is recruiting, Metaswitch is recruiting, Badgeville is recruiting, …

Vcs are recruiting: see Sequoia.

Google is recruiting 2.000 new employees.

Identified can help you to recruit.

Playheaven is recruiting through Github

Don’t be surprised: it’s always like this. The Valley ecosystem which is (so far) well structured in financing (Business Angels, Early Stage and VC traditional capital risk) is always this active, entrepreneurs are moving forward. Ok, there are more startups than anywhere else. And honestly, startups have less fears, with this very special business spirit DNA transmitted in Standford, Berkeley…

In this list you can find very young startups, some bought by big players like Disney, and others that became big players. All have the same dreams: conquer the world.

When you mix ambition with financing, the result can be very interesting. That’s my point.

Unemployment rate in California is still 12.2% in September 2010. There is no miracle anyway.

PS: congratulations to Quora.com Team, something is really happening with this website.

Au Phil des News – Episode 6 June 26, 2010

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Petite visite sur Castro… Street a Moutain View…
C’est ici que ca se passe !

Au PHIL des news est une co-production Arnaud Eichholtzer/Tech4Business – Phil Jeudy

Au PHIL des news Episode 3 April 8, 2010

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Cette semaine nous avons commencé, dans ce cadre ensoleillé du AT&T Park par la thématique de la quinzaine : la sortie de l’iPad va t’il sonné la mort de l’ordinateur portable comme le prédit Amit Gupta, fondateur de Jelly qui prédit aussi la disparition des appareils de photos compacts au profit des nouveaux portables, intégrant une fonction photo.
Trois short news ont donc été choisies par Phil.

La suite c’est ici

Au PHIL des news est une co-production Arnaud Eichholtzer/Tech4Business – Phil Jeudy

Introducing Google Squared June 8, 2009

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Well, after wave launch, check this out…

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Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009 May 29, 2009

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Google Wave Developer Preview presentation at the Day 2 Keynote of Google I/O. To learn more visit http://wave.google.com

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Open Social, Open Web, Open… April 4, 2008

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GeekTripSFO : le web social vu par Patrick Chanezon

Video in French

Patrick Chanezon knows what he’s talking about, and he does it well.

Whatever you think about global reasons leading Google to create Open Social, the web user experience is creating all those social network platform (Facebook, Bebo, Linkedin and others), are part of the answer of a need like in North Korea where online is an answer to youth miss of expression.

Personal and professional… not sure this duo is really what people are looking for. When people will get used to social network platform, they will request maybe only one…that would manage both issues on a better way than Facebook on one side and Linkedin on the other side are doing now. Or maybe people need this Janus faces again on web to identify themselves 😉

I think that what Patrick was talking about need to be discussed more in details. So interesting. Stay tuned and there will be more news about an upcoming thing. Promised, in English…

Open Social by French Google API evangelist… and Zemanta April 1, 2008

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This video is in French…once again. Apologies for that…

To be noticed, this is the first post I write using Zemanta… I love this new tool, you should try it. You don’t know Zemanta? Ok, next time, now it’s too late 😉

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