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Hey Startups: how can Flamenco gives you a lesson in Business July 26, 2011

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Business, startup.
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Israel Galvan de los Reyes is not really what you can expect thinking of Flamenco…

He is a famous Spanish flamenco dancer (bailaor) and choreographer.
Israel Galvan is incredibly talented, inspiring. Powerful. Not a woman, with colorful dress: he’s just a men in black.

This is the metaphor I was thinking about while viewing one of his video, and a message to give to all those startups trying to make it happen : get out of the crowd! Find your walled garden, differentiate yourself by any mean.

If you’re brave enough to consider that you can change the world (like a guy we all know called Mark Z.), so give the minimum of evidence you have the talent for it, and expose your skills by making your “product”, whatever it is, significantly different, and useful obviously. So different and useful that people will be Millions to buy it.

A lot of people are asking me: “Why don’t you start your own project?”. Because I did not reach yet this personal inflection point.


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