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AT&T Channel archives: William Shatner explains what microprocessors are. Back in 1976! March 16, 2011

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Back in 1976, microprocessors had a maximum of 8.5K transistors for 64bits of memory. The Queen of England sent her first email, and Steve Wozniak designed the Apple I. in 1984, 8 years later, I was programing Cobol on a DPS6000.

Program (we did not say code at this time), compile, wait. Correct, compile, wait. Print? Wait first…

Star Trek TJ Hooker William Shatner made this film for AT&T about the future of microprocessors. Enjoy!

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Happy Holidays COBOL ANSI 74 style December 24, 2010

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★ Merry *. • ˚ ˚ •. ★ ★ Christmas. *. °. ° * * ★ ★ Joyeux. • ˚ ˚ ★ ★ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•. Noël ★ ˛ ˚ _Π_____. * ˚ ★ ★ ★
˚ ˛ • ˛ • ˚ */______/~ \. ˚ ˚ ˛ ★ ★ ★
˚ ˛ • ˛ • ˚ *| 田田 | 门 | ˚ ★ ★ ★

I just received this nice message from Mauro Israel.

Reminds me I could have had a career in programing. At this time, COBOL, this famous COmmonBusiness-Oriented Language was the main thing in terms of software with BASIC, or FORTRAN, PASCAL… All the same, all different. Just codes and procedures with few differences.

COBOL was different. Because it was a woman inspiration.

COBOL language was created by a woman called Grace Hopper in the second half of 1959. It’s still used (less of course) now. As you can see, the impact of women in technology is important.

          STOP RUN.

La Puce et les Geants April 6, 2008

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I bought this book in 1983.

My IT diploma was obtained, I wasn’t programming anymore in Basic, Cobol, Fortran or other Pascal. Was turning into a more financial path, to maximize my future professional life potential…

This book was fascinating. It was explaining a coming revolution combining information and quickness. The first chapter is about Silicon Valley, the others about IBM, Japan, Russia.

The book is about the end of (sort of) an industrial era.

The summary on the back is mentioning the term “a new economy” still so used now and that means so much waste.

Back to the first chapter, this story about San Francisco, Silicon Vally meant nothing to me, I didn’t know the place…

I wrote many things on the book when writer mentioned Frederick Terman.Frederick Terman

Terman is considered as the man who has thought the concept of Silicon Valley…and create it with many others… He introduced Dave Packard to Bill Hewlett, creating their new venture in 1939 with 480$.

He described a capitalist person as a someone crossing situations, and someone who has the choice.

“You have the choice, never have any doubt”.

Now I have something to work on. For my 3rd trip to San Francisco in less than 6 months. Do I had any choice up to now? Not sure. Never having any doubt: that’s a standard for me.

But this does not makes me a capitalist. For sure!

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