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Turfing in Oakland, California May 8, 2011

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More about Turfing and Jeriel Bey

Oakland Boogaloo?

Alert: Pending Stock Option Tax Legislation in SF May 7, 2011

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My friend Myles Weissleder sent a very important email today regarding the Pending Stock Option Tax Legislation in SF…

“Right now, San Francisco is the only major city in the United States
that taxes stock options, and there are two competing bills at City
Hall to address the issue.

One (sponsored by Supervisor Mark Farrell) would permanently stop this
tax – private companies will not pay anything going forward, and
existing public companies would be capped at their current levels.

Another (sponsored by Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi) would only create a
6-year trial period, where public companies will still be subject to
the tax, and private companies will still have to pay up to $750,000 a
year once they go public.

We need to support Supervisor Mark Farrell’s legislation — this is
VERY important to the technology community in San Francisco.

Please send the email below to the Mayor and the Supervisors at these
email addresses:  Board.of.Supervisors@sfgov.org;

If you’re a registered voter that lives in San Francisco, you can also
visit the Save SF Startups page on Votizen:
https://www.votizen.com/issues/sfstartups/ and submit your letter of
support. If you’re not a voter or live outside of the city, you can
tweet your support with the #sfstartups hashtag.

We also need phone calls to the supervisors – go here
http://www.sfbos.org/index.aspx?page=1616 for phone numbers, call the
supervisors, and ask them to support Supervisor Farrell’s stock option

Finally, forward this email to everyone you know (especially other
entrepreneurs who should care about this issue) and ask them to send
the same email.


Thank you Myles for highlighting this!

A Summer of concert! April 25, 2009

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This Summer 09 will be the opportunity to see so many great Bands!

Yes, Asia
Which musician will be there? No idea, maybe Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Oliver Wakeman, Alan White and Benoit David… See more on Wikipedia.
I really like Yes, but more their Going for the One (1997) or some songs taken from Classic Yes (2003).


The other major Group will be U2…

They will be in Pasadena, California, October 25 for U2 360° Tour. No Line on the Horizon is to me a big success, a new color, big production, good songs… Definitely associated with a major episode in my life, I will love to see them for my very first time at the Rose Bowl. Rock&Roll! I really liked the concept of the 1 hour video telling a story and playing each songs of the album.

Ok, October in not Summer. We don’t care.


Eric Clapton & Stevie Winwood

Eric Clapton… and Stevie Winwood! Incredible! Blind Faith is back! Well they are too famous, what more could I say?! Hollywood Bowl, California, June 30… Woaaaa, Clapton’s guitar…. Woaaaa, Winwodd’s voice….



Incubus… what could I say… My very big thing at the moment… Hollywood Bowl, California, July 13th seems the best option… if I’m not in Europe at this time… They have some many beautiful stories…

C’me on, 1 hour of accoustic with the guys… California style!


There are a few more: Aerosmith, AC/DC… here.

Incubus – Wish You Were Here March 1, 2009

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I dig my toes into the sand.
The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds strewn across a blue blanket.
I lean against the wind, pretend that i am weightless and in this moment i am happy.

I wish you were here
I wish you were here
I wish you were here
I wish you were here.

I lay my head onto the sand.
The sky resembles a backlit canopy with holes punched in it.
I'm counting ufo's.
I signal them with my lighter
and in this moment i am happy, happy.


The world's a roller coaster and I am not strapped in.
Maybe I should hold with care,but my hands are busy in the air.


I wish I was... California I miss you.
More about Incubus here. Obsessively listening to this group...

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StartupLegalAndFinanceBootcamp in Palo Alto April 26, 2008

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Eric Gonzalez and Ross Mayfield are the initiator of a “Barcamp for Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who want to learn the basics of legal and financial details of starting a new company”.

As a former Finance Manager and now co-founder of a company that works in the environment (and as well very involved in a startup too), I’m very interested to attend!

The format looks good: Eric and Ross have inviting 3 CEO Founders, 3 angel investors and 3 Legal, Accounting and HR professionals who can help answer questions, walk you through the basics of:

  1. Legal structure of the company (C Corp vs. LLC vs. S Corp)
  2. Funding (angel vs. Venture capital vs. bootstrap)
  3. HR and Operations (Benefits, payroll etc.)

Really the basics for an entrepreneur, we all know that!

I think this kind of event are really important for startup entrepreneur, as their status is a kind of “fragile” one, so many risks and question marks at this stage!

Any advice is good and real experts in specific areas is a better concept than somebody giving global advice without the appropriate vibes as I did see in a previous StartupCamp in Paris.

Happy to join anyway guys and see you in Palo Alto.

Vysr is the sponsor of the event.

Time to go!


Missed the event for some stupid reason.

Well, see you next one?

Grrrrr. 😦

La Puce et les Geants April 6, 2008

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I bought this book in 1983.

My IT diploma was obtained, I wasn’t programming anymore in Basic, Cobol, Fortran or other Pascal. Was turning into a more financial path, to maximize my future professional life potential…

This book was fascinating. It was explaining a coming revolution combining information and quickness. The first chapter is about Silicon Valley, the others about IBM, Japan, Russia.

The book is about the end of (sort of) an industrial era.

The summary on the back is mentioning the term “a new economy” still so used now and that means so much waste.

Back to the first chapter, this story about San Francisco, Silicon Vally meant nothing to me, I didn’t know the place…

I wrote many things on the book when writer mentioned Frederick Terman.Frederick Terman

Terman is considered as the man who has thought the concept of Silicon Valley…and create it with many others… He introduced Dave Packard to Bill Hewlett, creating their new venture in 1939 with 480$.

He described a capitalist person as a someone crossing situations, and someone who has the choice.

“You have the choice, never have any doubt”.

Now I have something to work on. For my 3rd trip to San Francisco in less than 6 months. Do I had any choice up to now? Not sure. Never having any doubt: that’s a standard for me.

But this does not makes me a capitalist. For sure!

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