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C’est quoi votre probleme avec Facebook ? November 26, 2010

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A l’occasion d’une petite fiesta recente a Paris dediee aux “djeunes” et aux startups, a l’evocation d’une petite startup qui fait de biens belles choses sur Facebook dans le domaine du e-commerce (j’ai nomme Boosket), j’ai ete tres surpris de certaines remarques de bloggeurs dans l’antichambre a 140 caracteres (je veux dire Twitter).

“Vous verrez bien quand Facebook va vous fermer la boutique” ou des trucs du genre.

Juste un rappel : la croissance de Facebook s’essoufle (tout est relatif mais bon a l’echelle de ce geant, renseignez vous… 4 Millions de nouveaux utilisateurs aux US depuis le debut de l’annee -* rumeur *-) et comme toute societe, Facebook a besoin de relais de croissance. En terme d’audience, de temps passe.

Comme toute societe, Facebok a besoin de faire de l’argent. Et donc de faire de l’argent sur l’argent qui est fait sur Facebook. Vous me suivez ?!

Alors je vous le dit : vous n’avez pas fini d’entendre parler de Facebook et de e-commerce, de gaming et tout ca. La suite en couleur histoire d’en mettre une couche avec iFeelgoods.com sur Locita.

Geektrip Live Special : les Videos du succes a San Francisco September 29, 2010

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Les 7 astuces de TechCrunch Disrupt ? Ce sont les entrepreneurs qui le disent avec quelques clins d’oeil au passage :
– Gilles Barbier, CEO de Tellmewhere
– Josue Solis, co-fondateur de Boosket (en position 2, 4 et 7)
– Xavier Damman, co-fondateur de Storify
– Vincent Gire, co-fondateur de Wozaik
– Rosolphe Ardant, co-fondateur de Wozaik

Merci a Josue, tres inspire.

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French Big Bisou Disrupt 2010 Monday September 27th September 19, 2010

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TechCrunch 50 is dead, vive TechCrunch Disrupt!

From September 27th to 29th, Mike Arrington and his Big Orchestra is back with one of the main High Tech event this Fall in Bay Area (well, with DEMO last week and Giga OM Mobilize on September 30th).

3 days for a big focus on startups… and some of them will come from Paris to get some coverage and show up!

They are good examples of what French startup scene is… Just check this out:

Wozaik provides internet users with a new generation of bookmarks: they are visual, dynamics and automatically updated.

Instead of keeping a simple link, Wozaik lets you cut from the website you are visiting the portion you like as you would cut a piece of paper. The created Dynamic Bookmark is not just a screenshot, you can interact with it as if you were on the original website (links are still active, video can be played…) and it is automatically updated when the original website is modified.

Wozaik was chosen as a winner of Mini-Seedcamp Paris 2009.

Kwaga is a free online service that helps users deal with inbox overload by visually tagging emails based on their content.

This will be available in any mail client (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail…) in English, French, Spanish and eventually Chinese.

Kwaga participated as a finalist in Seedcamp 2009.

Demo with Robert Scoble

Boosket is a social shopping platform for Facebook. Whether you are an individual or a famous brand, promote and recommend products to your community.

Tellmewhere spices up people’s local lives: helping them to easily discover new places suited to their tastes and giving them a rich but simple “my places” tool to catalog and share their favorite places and to organize outings with friends.

They are the first service to bring personalized recommendations to each user on places they should like. The service is based on our sophisticated algorithm that takes into account both user tastes and friends whose judgments they trust.

Demo with Chipper Boulas The Great

Whatever you’re French or not, come and meet with guys on Monday 27th at Bisou Bistro near Castro from 6.45 til 9PM (2367 Market Street).
A great French restaurant owned by Nick Ronan…

PS: Don’t take me wrong. I’m impressed by what TechCrunch did achieve since 2006. And sincerly, startup scene without TechCrunch US would be like a rock band without drums. Not so much fun.

PS 2: be ready for this if you join us on Monday

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