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C3 Technologies 3D mapping on an iPad December 4, 2011

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Made in C3 Technologies, for the best of Apple products in the near future

Steve Jobs Documentary June 21, 2011

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Too much personal stuffs here so I need to balance a bit 😉

I can’t assure a 100% it’s all true, but I thought this view on Steve Jobs carreer so far was of some interest. Let me know what you think.

And whatever you think, my opinion is that he’s a Grand Monsieur. He change people’s attention on technology like (almost) no one, on a product point of view. Such a character!


Coldplay at Apple October 17, 2010

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Apple TV update (after launch in 2006), iTunes10… and a big gift from Steve Jobs with Chris Martin from Coldplay singing a song from their new coming album.. Enjoy as I did !

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iAppContest in Ukraine: Finalists June 27, 2010

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41 applications uploaded, 29 publishers participating…
I think we had the best of what you can find in Ukraine. You missed it? Don’t worry, the Competition will start again soon!
Stay tuned…

These are the Top10

1. Gun Disassembly 3D published by Vyacheslav Klimov Game
2. Little Colombo published by Injoit Game
3. Happy Mummy published by SSS Ltd Social
4. Stone of Destinypiblished by Avalon Game
5. PD Maps Worldwide published by PlanetDrives GEOMap
6. The Hermitage published by Basil Mironenko Culture
7. Pinball HD published by Gameprom Game
8. Carnivores Dinosaur published by Tatem Game
9. World Sights published by Jetmind Technology Culture
10. SketchyPad published by Digios Tools

Au Phil des News – Episode 7 June 26, 2010

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Bon, que peut-on bien faire un jour de desert a Cupertino ?
Parler d’iPad peut etre ? C’est ici que ca se passe…

Au PHIL des news est une co-production Arnaud Eichholtzer/Tech4Business – Phil Jeudy

Limitations of the iPhone accelerometer August 26, 2009

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No keyboards in the future for laptop? January 10, 2009

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Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

This is Apple!
Definitely something we could (he have to) imagine!

Mobile Visual Search Engine on the Apple iPhone April 21, 2008

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Gilles Bruno, from Agendeo.fr, highlighted this video to me, found on Fred Cavazza’s blog

Object recognition services is not new on mobile, I was discussing in 2005 with a Communication agency specialized in Japan high tech survey, to launch and test a service to be finally deployed in France through Olympus technology Dig it ! (Java application).

But you surely haven’t heard a lot regarding this service, as usually in mobile industry: to be identified and maybe deployed, the only chance for a smart application on mobile has to come through a Telco. The overall destiny of any mobile application is under carrier’s control, and this is the main issue for them.

Carriers do not behave like ASP in terms of pricing as they globally considering themselves as content providers, sometimes worst as Media… And the result is that all mobile services industry is struggling for distribution problems instead of developing… then die slowly.

The main difference with iPhone is the access to the platform for developing which is easy, then the only problem is to get identified by potential users. The thing is that there is not yet a number sufficient of iPhone users up to now (200K units in UK, 100K in France, 70K in Germany) … that will change for sure!

For more information on video, just visit www.evolution.com.

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