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C3 Technologies 3D mapping on an iPad December 4, 2011

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Geek.
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Made in C3 Technologies, for the best of Apple products in the near future

News: OurBricks 3D API from Katalabs August 1, 2011

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Geek.
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OurBricks is a site for sharing 3D models and allows you to preview directly in your browser with WebGL.
The Team wanted to enable users to interact with the site through an API, so they added a few simple methods.

Search: you can retrieve the most recent models uploaded to the site, or search through the title, description and tags of models in their database. The results are presented in JSON format.
Upload: if you have an API key (they currently giving these out on
request), you can upload to the site on behalf of a user after authenticating with OAauth.

Plus for specialists…
The documentation for their API is here:
They have a sample plugin for Blender that allows you to import and export from OurBricks without leaving Blender:
This plays onto the idea of having a universal API that all 3Dapplications can speak.

OurBricks  is powered by Katalabs.

Waves War in 3D October 21, 2010

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Found of Talantis Channel, coming soon…

Total Immersion – Demo 2007 May 18, 2008

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Fun.
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Well, one of my colleague mentionned this company to me. Total Immersion.
I love innovation, and smart stuff. Whatever you can think about this video… I need to meet the guys!

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