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Francis Jocky

I’m Investor in Koko Entertainment, the label which is producing Francis Jocky records.

Last album:

Last album recorded in Paris:

A special celebration for President Obama:

Francis JockyFrancis Jocky is absolutely unique!

He has the capacity to create songs you easily remember, like some you have heard since times! But the reasy why is not only about melody, not only about the lyrics, not only about his voice, not only about his personality, not only about the way he’s playing instrument…it’s all about these all together and many more!

Francis loves music, Francis loves musician…We spent many time to talk about George Duke, Stanley Clarke, Billy
Cobham, Brad Meldhau…Miles Davis and so many more he admires. He gets inspiration from Stevie Wonder, Sting…but he has his own style, unique, because Francis has a meesage to give, and he knows how to do it!

He has created his first songs more than 15 years ago, and they have been made no last…to be always modern, always in the air! His message is about humanity, familly, friendship…I love the title “Songs of Freedom”, created in douala language (Francis in born in Cameroon) and translated marviously by Andrew Wyatt. I love “Yabassi” and its wonderfull introduction with soprano sax. I love “My life” because this song is full of joy, whatever the story told. I love “Mr Pain”, you can’t forget it. I love “Higher love”, so groovy. “Tell me why”, so deep…Higher is a good word to describe Francis…always high and higher!

His first album has been released, called “Mr Pain” (you can find it on iTunes worldwide)  http://www.francisjocky.com/

Francis Jocky has also publish a marvelous album composed with South African typical chants. It’s an introduction to poetry and Africa…We can learn so much from this continent, their multiple traditions, their way of being and transmit…. http://www.livingsouls.com/

Please, I want you to listen to “Wase”, from a third project Francis is developing…  http://www.myspace.com/elephantsongs


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