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3 laws of SocialMediatics November 1, 2011

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Web.
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I’m a  fan of science fiction, and Isaac Asimov in specific. Interactions between human beings and robots are kind of inspiring, and he knew how to envision the thing, and now some people are still working on it.

Now, I just wanted to share what my 3 laws could be, transposing the conversation between human beings instead, through this (now famous) Social Media cataclism.

I know you guys, dear “startup entreprenueurs”: audience is key. You need to grow, you need to increase the scale of your Executive Summary’s charts.

But never forget about this:

– Don’t touch my wall (on Facebook). Never. Bad!

– Don’t send my a DM on Twitter. Never. Dirty!

– Don’t ask me to follow you on Twitter. I’m your Client. I’m your King.

Just to say. My pleasure talking to you.

(fr) Le Blog d’etat de Twitter May 13, 2011

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Le Blog de l'etat de Twitter by Philjeudy
Le Blog de l’etat de Twitter, a photo by Philjeudy on Flickr.

L’internationalisation d’une société, notamment en ce qui concerne celle publiant un site web a haute fréquentation n’est jamais une affaire simple.
Sortir de ses frontières commercialement ou en terme d’audience, affronter un langage qui n’est pas le sien, une culture qui vous est étrangère… quelle galère !
Quand on a acquis une certaine notoriété, c’est a ce moment que l’on a besoin de cet état d’esprit “startup” :
– on est dans le one-shot, une chance, une balle a chaque fois, si on manque notre coup, on est pénalisé, sur plus ou mois long terme. En plus, sur Internet, il y a les Bloggers, une sacre tranche d’utilisateurs…
– on prend soin du détail : la perfection est indispensable quand on sort de ses bases, on ne peut pas se permettre l’a-peu-près, ça fait un peu désordre avec les normes corporate,
– on ne fait pas les choses a moitie, on prend des bases, on localise localement, c’est dur d’avoir une vue de ce qui se passe a distance, cela évite des erreurs de jeunesse.

J’ai choisi l’exemple de cet écran de Twitter qui est apparu en Français (ce qui est étrange, je n’utilise pas le Français sur Twitter, et mon adresse IP doit être Américaine) en m’invitant a rejoindre le “blog d’état” qui s’avère être l’état des “status” en Anglais de la plateforme… qui n’est qu’en Anglais. J’aurai personnellement traduit cela autrement, quitte a faire un peu d’anglicisme, on est de toute façon dans du langage Geek dans la mesure ou l’on parle de 2 Millions de visiteurs uniques début 2011 avec Twitter.
Même le grand Twitter a ses propres défauts, ceci afin de consoler les petits Frenchies qui s’évertuent a vivre la grande aventure au pays de la Silicon Valley.
Au delà de ses frontières, même combat. I wish I could help you more guys on this matter. To be followed.

Facebook Developer Garage May 12, 2011

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Silicon Valley, Ukraine, Web.
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Facebook Developer Garage by Philjeudy
Facebook Developer Garage, a photo by Philjeudy on Flickr.

Facebook is expanding: 700 Millions of users seems to be the more updated amount those days.
Now in terms of development, the business model has been proved, but that’s a fact: you can make a huge amount of money with Facebook.
Zynga, Zong, iFeelGoods (soon very succesfull I hope) are examples of companies that did benefit from Facebook growth, and there are so many other examples.
Now, what about developers. I mean, you and I, having already produced sucessful applications on iOS, maybe Android (I said maybe), web ones… How how to port, how to develop, how to to get the traction, how to monetize, how to get the relationship with Facebook?
That is what Facebook Developer Garage is about. Look at the flags on the picture. Many cities are missing, and I expect to see one more very soon in a place with great and talented developers.

Keep fingers crossed, stay tuned…

Reminder: I’m a proud Board Member of Watzatsong, co-producer of a musical quiz on Facebook called CrazyCow (now We Are Music) with Freshplanet, and partner in the company which developed WittyWishes, a very pretty application to invite friends and manage your calendar on Facebook.

Netflix is recruiting a Senior iPhone and iPad Developer April 20, 2011

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Netflix is looking for a very senior iOS engineer who is excited to work on one of the top 10 free apps in the App Store. You will be part of an amazing team of engineers and immersed in an environment that is fast paced, dynamic, challenging, and very fulfilling.

More on the position here.

The conversation prism October 30, 2010

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The Conversation Prism gives a view of the social media universe, categorized and also organized by how people use each network.

This is a very nice concept of social network visualisation, that you can find here and there until you find the source of this chart… Jesse Thomas and Brian Solis.

My question: can you ignore a leader in its field which is around 1 Millions users, number 1 in Europe? Can’t wait to see Tellmewhere in next udpate Jesse!

This is a different one, done by Ethority.de:

Chacun voit midi a sa porte 😉

French Big Bisou Disrupt 2010 Monday September 27th September 19, 2010

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TechCrunch 50 is dead, vive TechCrunch Disrupt!

From September 27th to 29th, Mike Arrington and his Big Orchestra is back with one of the main High Tech event this Fall in Bay Area (well, with DEMO last week and Giga OM Mobilize on September 30th).

3 days for a big focus on startups… and some of them will come from Paris to get some coverage and show up!

They are good examples of what French startup scene is… Just check this out:

Wozaik provides internet users with a new generation of bookmarks: they are visual, dynamics and automatically updated.

Instead of keeping a simple link, Wozaik lets you cut from the website you are visiting the portion you like as you would cut a piece of paper. The created Dynamic Bookmark is not just a screenshot, you can interact with it as if you were on the original website (links are still active, video can be played…) and it is automatically updated when the original website is modified.

Wozaik was chosen as a winner of Mini-Seedcamp Paris 2009.

Kwaga is a free online service that helps users deal with inbox overload by visually tagging emails based on their content.

This will be available in any mail client (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail…) in English, French, Spanish and eventually Chinese.

Kwaga participated as a finalist in Seedcamp 2009.

Demo with Robert Scoble

Boosket is a social shopping platform for Facebook. Whether you are an individual or a famous brand, promote and recommend products to your community.

Tellmewhere spices up people’s local lives: helping them to easily discover new places suited to their tastes and giving them a rich but simple “my places” tool to catalog and share their favorite places and to organize outings with friends.

They are the first service to bring personalized recommendations to each user on places they should like. The service is based on our sophisticated algorithm that takes into account both user tastes and friends whose judgments they trust.

Demo with Chipper Boulas The Great

Whatever you’re French or not, come and meet with guys on Monday 27th at Bisou Bistro near Castro from 6.45 til 9PM (2367 Market Street).
A great French restaurant owned by Nick Ronan…

PS: Don’t take me wrong. I’m impressed by what TechCrunch did achieve since 2006. And sincerly, startup scene without TechCrunch US would be like a rock band without drums. Not so much fun.

PS 2: be ready for this if you join us on Monday

Les petits jeudis du Père Jeudy – n°1 – 4 mars 2010 March 6, 2010

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Je suis ravi d’avoir a partager cette nouvelle rubrique avec mon pote Jean-Michel Billaut sur son Blog. Je dis mon pote, mais avec tout le respect et l’affection que cela suppose.

Jean-Michel, c’est quelqu’un qui merite sans aucun doute d’avoir sa propre page sur Wikipedia, tellement cela fait un bail qu’il se devoue au nouvelles technologies… Au moins. L’Atelier BNP Paribas, qu’il a contribue a creer, a sa page, lui, sur Wikipedia. Et ce serait justice, il inspire aujourd’hui toujours des generations d’entrepreneurs qui se bousculent a son portillon.

La video de notre grande premiere…

Pour le coup, on parle de YourVersion.com, rrripple.com et Twine.com. Des choses du web que j’utilise, les deux premieres basees dans la Silicon Valley, le dernier en Caroline du Nord. Comme quoi, y a pas que la Silicon Valley…

Bon Jean-MiMi, on se retrouve le mois prochain…

© Une production du Billautshow – the video for the rest of us – the e-billautshow : the french worldwide hub

LeWeb’10 : reservez les dates sur vos agendas ! February 26, 2010

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Ca y est, Geraldine et Loic Le Meur viennent d’annoncer les dates de la prochaine conference en Decembre prochain : les 8 et 9 Decembre !

On a beau dire ce que l’on veut, le couple le plus celebre d’Internet vont nous ravir une nouvelle annee en organisant leur conference fetiche. Bonnes nouvelles aussi pour les sceptiques et les raleurs qui esperent toujours du sur mesure ou du “j’en veux pour mon argent”. Cela reste un evenement unique par le nombre d’experts en tous genre que savent inviter Geraldine et Loic, par la diversite des themes… et la qualite des polemiques inevitables !

Bon c’est toujours a Paris. Mais on retourne au Dock comme en 2007, pas loin d’une societe incroyable qui est en train de reussir quelque chose d’unique dans le domaine de la vente sur Internet. Devinez qui ?!

Quelques chiffres du Web’09 : 2,500 participants de 15 pays differents… il n’y a pas d’evenements similaires en France, surement en Europe. Alors on ne va pas se gener pour dire qu’on y sera.

Dites, c’est quoi le theme cette annee ? Apres Love, le Real Time Web, si vois cherchez des themes, une petite liste pour vous :
- la video est il le Web3.0 ? (je rigole…)
- les femmes peuvent elles preparer l’Internet de demain (trop d’hommes dans ce business…)
- le monde devient il mobile ? (je reviens du Mobile World Congress a Barcelone, je vois du mobile partout)
- La France, la future Silicon Valley ? (j’ai decide d’essayer de charmer les politiques sur un projet d’incubateur)
- Internet, enfin du Business Model ! (on peut rever)
- La France, une source d’inspiration pour la Silicon Valley (autopromo, j’ai le droit…)

Bon, la video de la bande annonce… malheureusement en anglais, sortez vos casques de traduction !

Kwanga representing France during Seedcamp 2010 in Silicon Valley January 24, 2010

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Kwaga helps you to manage your emails on Gmail with semantic and Open Source technologies…
To try it, enter the “seedcamp” code…

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Rencontres Improbables on Seesmic January 19, 2010

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I started to use video when Seesmic started its project in 2007.
It was a very interesting way of using technologies for developing some conversations, relationships, projects, etc.

Loic LeMeur’s vision was “avant-garde” at this time,  by proposing something very new, innovative.
I would do everything to develop a comparable video platform. I thought about some ideas around this kind of platform, about use cases and monetization.

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