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Validation January 24, 2010

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I don’t mind to pay if I can find what I’m looking for.

Are you validated?

GeekTripSFO March 22, 2008

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There we are!
One week mixed of fun and business meetings, meeting people in San Francisco and Silicon Valley…

We have started with Steph….opportunity to meet Nat, so beautiful few days before D-Day 😉

I strongly advice people interested to export their talent is the US to follow their story… they made it both, made their dream come true…and the story is just starting!!!

We have launched a few website as experiment, to share, and remember… more links to come soon but the 2 I could mention right now:

Follow us on Twitter (Jack Dorsey where are you…) https://twitter.com/GeekTripSFO

Follow the pics on FlickR (Shamir where are you…) http://www.flickr.com/groups/707675@N23/

The Guests:
Pierre-Philippe Cormeraie

Christophe Ducamp

François-Xavier Tanguy

Matthieu Delgrange

Raphael Arbuz

Henri Kaufman

Olivier Seres

I discussed with our VIP Guest Frederic Dumeny (the 9th Element) during the flight regarding this Google “bombing”…

I will watch this topic on Google with the few stuffs we made… to be clear not to spread an ego-marketing buzz, we are just humble but so happy!!!

The right price: just be well informed! December 9, 2007

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Easy HotelThis is the price for 6 to 7 square meters in London, Earls Court… The last time I came in London, cost me 80€, closed to Hammersmith, with a very unpleasant Russian woman for my breakfast…We are getting so many informations, there is surely a Web 3.0 thing to launch that would manage a portal solution to give you helpful informations around your current activities. Gloups, too late, I revealed the topic of my next company…

Bowncy balls October 29, 2007

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French poetry March 17, 2007

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Le  vent  claque,

Les  feuilles  claquent,

Je  les  croque,

Cric,crac ,croc.  L’été

Quand  l’été  arrive,

On va  se  baigner,

Dans  de  l’eau  salée.

On  regarde  les  poissons  passer

On  fait  de  la  plongée.

Il  fait  beau,

Raison  de  plus  d’aller  dans  l’eau.

Quand  l’été  arrive,

Il  fait  beau.


Week-end in Calvi March 13, 2007

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View from Sant Antonino

Have you ever been in Corsica?

Corsica is about mountains…beautiful village…smells…colors…gastronomy…wine…friendship…blue sky…and not only beach & sea!

So many people that have not been there…Just ask around you!I am proud and happy to go regularly in Calvi and visit something new each time.
Have you been? Then post your experience!

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