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Why people don’t like bass solo… and bad Startup pitch November 12, 2011

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I had the chance to support a great young entrepreneur coming from France this week in Silicon Valley who has this charisma when it comes to be on stage: when he talks, you listen. He knows what he has to say, and he knows how to say it. His name is Ismael Nzouetom, he’s the CEO and co-founder of I-Dispo.

This pic is from a Tech event in Paris…

I just found this very interesting video today, just listen…

To be on stage for a startup pitch or a music concert, that’s is the same thing (almost): “Base your solo on the grove”… you must keep people’s attention. A startup is a hard job, involving a Team, many hours, days, months, personal commitment… Think when you give the pitch about to reflect all this and do the show! I saw Ismael doing the show at Founder Showcase, a Tech event is San Francisco, keep on going man!

When you start to pitch, don’t forget to grove. Audience feels it too! Like when you grove with your Team when you work. People wants to dance, like investors when they listen to you. Make them come dancing with your and their $. Or just blame yourself.

I learned a lot about those stuffs with another star from Cameroon, my bro Francis Jocky, when we did record his 3rd album “Sanctified” in Paris, and each time I saw him performing in concert. Music and startup, same fight! Get up, stand up guys!

The 20 Most Innovative Startups in Tech… WTF November 8, 2011

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Apologies if it seems a big aggressive and rude. Startup and Innovation. I think that sometimes this association is a little bit in danger… too many solicitations.

I know that running a blog in tech is a hard business… does not pay big money… but I think you guys should handle some post hits with more care.

I noticed this very attractive and successful post “The 20 Most Innovative Startups in Tech” on Linkedin. I understand here you were tracking the most innovative ideas, but could you please at least include there some products we can try at least? Singly seemed interesting… Adressing the era of “small data”… I thought it was the era of “big datas”… but it’s still in Beta, and the only thing you can do is to give your email to get in there.

Read this: “It was recommended by multiple VCs for this list”. Ok, got it. Those guys know what innovation is, of course. They pay for it.

Hey Startups: how can Flamenco gives you a lesson in Business July 26, 2011

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Israel Galvan de los Reyes is not really what you can expect thinking of Flamenco…

He is a famous Spanish flamenco dancer (bailaor) and choreographer.
Israel Galvan is incredibly talented, inspiring. Powerful. Not a woman, with colorful dress: he’s just a men in black.

This is the metaphor I was thinking about while viewing one of his video, and a message to give to all those startups trying to make it happen : get out of the crowd! Find your walled garden, differentiate yourself by any mean.

If you’re brave enough to consider that you can change the world (like a guy we all know called Mark Z.), so give the minimum of evidence you have the talent for it, and expose your skills by making your “product”, whatever it is, significantly different, and useful obviously. So different and useful that people will be Millions to buy it.

A lot of people are asking me: “Why don’t you start your own project?”. Because I did not reach yet this personal inflection point.


So you want to do a startup, eh? by @missrogue June 21, 2011

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Tara Hunt is the Queen of slides 😉
This is very interesting to read, whatever if you’re based in Canada or not!

What’s that song?! May 11, 2011

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I should say: WATZATSONG?!

What is more painful than having a tune stuck in your head when you don’t know its name or artist?

WatZatSong can solve this problem. To identify a tune, simply hum it into a microphone and then the members of the WatZatSong global community will listen to it and tap into their music knowledge to tell you what it is.

Alert: Pending Stock Option Tax Legislation in SF May 7, 2011

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My friend Myles Weissleder sent a very important email today regarding the Pending Stock Option Tax Legislation in SF…

“Right now, San Francisco is the only major city in the United States
that taxes stock options, and there are two competing bills at City
Hall to address the issue.

One (sponsored by Supervisor Mark Farrell) would permanently stop this
tax – private companies will not pay anything going forward, and
existing public companies would be capped at their current levels.

Another (sponsored by Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi) would only create a
6-year trial period, where public companies will still be subject to
the tax, and private companies will still have to pay up to $750,000 a
year once they go public.

We need to support Supervisor Mark Farrell’s legislation — this is
VERY important to the technology community in San Francisco.

Please send the email below to the Mayor and the Supervisors at these
email addresses:  Board.of.Supervisors@sfgov.org;

If you’re a registered voter that lives in San Francisco, you can also
visit the Save SF Startups page on Votizen:
https://www.votizen.com/issues/sfstartups/ and submit your letter of
support. If you’re not a voter or live outside of the city, you can
tweet your support with the #sfstartups hashtag.

We also need phone calls to the supervisors – go here
http://www.sfbos.org/index.aspx?page=1616 for phone numbers, call the
supervisors, and ask them to support Supervisor Farrell’s stock option

Finally, forward this email to everyone you know (especially other
entrepreneurs who should care about this issue) and ask them to send
the same email.


Thank you Myles for highlighting this!

Zynga: seeking talented iOS/Android Mobile Engineers! May 6, 2011

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Zynga is looking for strong software engineers to join our growing Mobile team! You will be responsible for owning the development and architecture of both our up-and-coming as well as existing current hits. Are you ready to put your ideas into games that will be played instantly by millions?
We make social games that are free and accessible for everyone to play!

The best candidates will have solid experience developing mobile applications utilizing for either iPhone or Android devices. Facebook platform and scaling experience is a huge plus.
This candidate will be addressing critical issues on some of our biggest game titles, which have several million users across multiple social networks. You must be able to write coherent, organized code and be comfortable working on a complicated code-base with high levels of abstraction.

Required Skills:
* Minimum: Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or equivalent
* Experience developing and maintaining mobile gaming applications
* iPhone SDK experience
* Extensive knowledge of Objective-C and Cocoa OR Java
* Open GL a plus
* 3+ years software development experience
* Passion for software development and OO Design
* Familiarity with all of the following: Linux, Apache, MySQL
* Excellent teamwork skills, flexibility, and ability to handle multiple tasks
* Experience with version control systems such as Subversion or CVS a must

Nice to Have:
* HTML5/JavaScript/CSS3 knowledge a plus
* Strong Facebook and/or MySpace platform experience
* Comfortable working with huge data sets and massively high concurrent-user load
* Experience with memchache a plus
* Experience with sharding and/or sharded databases a plus

Let me know if you’re interested !

Zynga is one of top startups those days in San Francisco. And they need to improve on mobile, I don’t think they reached to POS (point of success) on smartphones yet.

Mobile is really specific, and gamers don’t need the same experience than with a traditional web experience:

– they’re in a mobile situation, they want mobile specifications (something short, simple and necessarily different),

– mobile is a magic device, they want something magic, I mean additional. Use pictures for something extra, well put a Team in front of a white board and just fill in post-its!

– connection on casual gaming with geo-locations for example could create a real interest and engagement…

Apply to AngelPad Summer 2011 April 25, 2011

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AngelPad is a mentorship program founded by a team of ex-Googlers to help technology startups build better products, attract seed funding and grow more successful businesses. I met with one of them, Thomas Korte, and we can see another “Paul Graham” in him that makes me feel that going through AngelPad program might be a chance for entrepreneurs selected by the Team.

Don’t dream, you will get only few $20,000 in exchange for a small amount of common shares. But the mentorship should worths it, and there should be some doors you could easily open with them.

So don’t hesitate and try: last date is May 1st. See the list of previous program.

(fr) Enieme repetition sur l’implantation d’une startup dans la Silicon Valley April 23, 2011

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Je viens juste de laisser quelques commentaires sur le site de Techcrunch France évoquant les startups retenues dans le programme annuel d’Ubifrance a San Francisco…

L’occasion de se répéter, et éventuellement de me différencier sur différents points cles :

De lever de l’argent dans la Silicon Valley quand on n’y pas implante.

C’est quasi impossible.

Je pourrais developper plus ici, mais ce sera pour plus tard. Je n’ai qu’une chose a dire dans l’immédiat : c’est statistique. Regardez l’histoire Zong, Criteo, Talend, et posez vous la question : “Suis-je prêt ?”. Si vous n’avez pas la réponse, contactez moi.

De l’art de s’implanter dans la Silicon Valley.

En tant qu’observateur (et acteur) de l’implantation des sociétés Françaises dans la Silicon Valley, je recommande :
– un savant mélange de modestie et de force de convictions (pas besoin d’apprendre a parler Américain, soyez vous mêmes… mais soyez clairs et straight to the point)
– le ciblage précis de ses interventions, et de ses contacts, il faut de la lucidité (passez le cap de émerveillement de la vie a San Francisco…)
– la préexistence : un petit tour de meetings dans la Bay Area, cela doit être un détail dans une stratégie 6-12 mois avec beaucoup d’argent pour tenir la route (pas facile de faire du business a distance avec 9 heures de décalages horaires)

Mon conseils a tous : soyez pragmatiques, et n’hésitez pas a faire du double-check sur les sujets qui sont prioritaires pour vous. La Silicon Valley regorge du surprises, faites de façon a ce qu’elles soient positives.

Il n’est jamais trop tard pour se lancer aux États-Unis. Je ne suis pas d’accord avec bon nombre de Français de la Valley qui vont vous bâcher “parce que vous n’êtes pas prêts”. Sans doute ce ne sont pas les bons interlocuteurs pour vous, tout simplement.
Ce n’est pas en faisant chauffer la machine en France qu’on sera prêt pour se lancer dans le grand bain. Différence exécution entre les 2 pays, focus sur le quotidien qui empêche de se préparer suffisamment. Comme dirait un ami entrepreneurs ici a San Francisco, il faut se mettre en danger pour véritablement mettre en place les tactiques qui vont marcher, peaufiner sa stratégie, prendre du feedback et progressivement, au contact du terrain, comprendre ce qu’il faut faire.

Je connais des sociétés Françaises qui travaillent sur un projet qu’ils viennent de lancer officiellement, en préparation depuis… 3 ans ! Vous vous rendez compte ?! 3 ans !!! Vous imaginez tout ce qui peut se passer en 3 années d’exécution ?! Je pense que c’est meme bien d’aller passer un peu de temps ailleurs que dans son cocon !

Le seul point essentiel selon moi qui compte au moment d’envisager de se lancer ici (US en général) : avoir de l’argent, via une activité récurrente et profitable en France, ou via un financement spécifique.
Il faut arrêter de rêver en lisant Techcrunch.com ou d’autres sources locales de la Valley. A moins d’avoir un projet qui a déjà fait ses preuves, ou alors un projet unique en son genre.

Maintenant, les 2/3 des gens qui ont créés leur startups ne sont pas Américains de souche. Alors !

Enfin, pour ceux qui n’ont pas été retenus par Ubifrance dans le cadre de leur programme annuel : Il n’y a pas qu’Ubifrance dans la vie !
La porte de la Silicon Valley est grande ouverte, il n’y a qu’a la prendre…
Organiser des RDV avec un projet sérieux, qui tient la route, suffisamment finance, avec un P&L US pragmatique et une bonne vision, ce n’est réellement pas un problème… en fonction du marche (j’en ai un bon exemple actuellement sur lequel je travaille).
Pas de frustrations a avoir donc, et il est même possible d’avoir des financements de la part d’Ubifrance sur des voyages individuels.
Alors a vous de jouer !

Top#5 iPad Application today on iTunes is recruiting: MyPad April 18, 2011

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Cole Ratias, proud Founder of Loytr, company developing MyPad, an application to use Facebook on your iPad, is recruiting some engineers in Bay Area (well 1 or 2). If you’re interested let me know and I will forward him your Linkedin profile.

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