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$45/Hr for Coding/Programming Services (normaly $65)… “Et puis quoi encore ?!” “Are you kidding?!” August 24, 2011

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I’m a Partner of Ivesta International. We do native  mobile apps, mostly on iOS, and Android. WP7 is a coming focus, we’re working on it.

What you can see in the title of this post is something we will never do.

Some outsourcing company did promote their services through SF Beta (A San Francisco based event) newsletter by proposing a rebate of $20 for coding services.

We are not a manucure company. We are not developers reseller.

Outsourcing is a piece of art. It’s about intelligence, it’s about quality, it’s about achievement. It’s project management for success. The price rating is one thing, but as we use to say, quality has a price. We don’t discount on man’s work.

But we can work for you. Ask us for a quote, references. And work with us. You will understand.

Spotme Payments, a new iPhone app on iTunes July 11, 2011

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Personal payment made easy!

  • ✓ Easily split bills in groups
  • ✓ Share roommate or travel expenses
  • ✓ Keep track of debts with friends
  • ✓ Settle up with just one click

Spotme is an iOS application for sharing expenses in group. With just a few taps, you can add friends to a group and split bill as you travel, live or work together.

“Spotme is a great way to keep track of all money I lend and borrow when one of us is a few dollar short at lunch”.

“It’s a great way to organize group expenses and works like a charm. It’s fast, easy to understand and has a great UI”.

Netflix is recruiting a Senior iPhone and iPad Developer April 20, 2011

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Netflix is looking for a very senior iOS engineer who is excited to work on one of the top 10 free apps in the App Store. You will be part of an amazing team of engineers and immersed in an environment that is fast paced, dynamic, challenging, and very fulfilling.

More on the position here.

I wanna meet with Jeff Han. Please RT November 11, 2010

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Jeff Han is a brilliant research scientist, based in New York, and I have something to show him. He will love it. Don’t hesitate to ping me if you can help me to reach him. Thanks!

PS: I must say thank you to David M on this matter. Always talk to your friends, they have great ideas and suggestions.

PS2: I will pitch Tellmewhere next Monday at Web2.0 Summit VC Lunch. Thank you Jeff, your demo at TED 2006 inspired me and gave me an idea for the 4 minutes I will have in front of some smart guys, including Dave Mc Clure (maybe I will arrange on stage the meeting we have to organize together soon 😉 )

Very happy about this invitation and in some way the recognition of Tellmewhere Team work to provide the best of search, location and personalization since 2007. I’ll do my best guys!

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