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(fr) Hello Mister Chance January 29, 2012

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Cela fait 2 fois que cette vidéo me tombe entre les mains depuis mon départ pour les US, et j’avoue que ce Philippe là, pour des tas de raisons, il me cause. A vous.

Hey Startups: how can Flamenco gives you a lesson in Business July 26, 2011

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Israel Galvan de los Reyes is not really what you can expect thinking of Flamenco…

He is a famous Spanish flamenco dancer (bailaor) and choreographer.
Israel Galvan is incredibly talented, inspiring. Powerful. Not a woman, with colorful dress: he’s just a men in black.

This is the metaphor I was thinking about while viewing one of his video, and a message to give to all those startups trying to make it happen : get out of the crowd! Find your walled garden, differentiate yourself by any mean.

If you’re brave enough to consider that you can change the world (like a guy we all know called Mark Z.), so give the minimum of evidence you have the talent for it, and expose your skills by making your “product”, whatever it is, significantly different, and useful obviously. So different and useful that people will be Millions to buy it.

A lot of people are asking me: “Why don’t you start your own project?”. Because I did not reach yet this personal inflection point.


A new iPad app developed live on AppStore! November 15, 2010

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It’s like a baby each time: see the product you took part in its cration (in development side in our case) being ready for market. MathBu is one of them. Good luck to The XBureau who is publishing the iPad app !

This time it’s for kids, to learn math and play math. To learn how to add and sbtract numbers, while playing with some features. 12 levels of difficulties for $3.99.

If you look for developers on iPhone, iPad, Android, reach Sasha_su on Twitter, she’s in charge.

Les nouveaux projets de Jonathan Benassaya October 28, 2010

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J’ai parle recemment de Jonathan Benassaya sur mon blog. La derniere fois que j’ai poste une video d’une de ses interventions, j’ai failli faire exploser mon serveur chez WordPress…

Et voila qu’il remet ca a l’occasion d’une interview avec le crooner de FrenchWeb, site d’informations qui m’a l’air de faire un beau raffut d’ailleurs depuis quelques temps… Interesting!

Plus serieusement, je suis effectivement ravi de discuter avec mon ami Jonathan sur un des projets que j’ai en tete depuis longtemps pour monter un “incubateur Francais” dans la Silicon Valley. D’un genre tres special, a la sauce Geektrip.

Ce qu’il fait a Paris est tres interessant.

A suivre, comme je dis souvent…

E-commerce and technology October 12, 2010

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I’m currently working on a special e-commerce mission… and I’m very excited by some technologic chalenge I can see in terms of platform, audience and tools.

Would you try Zugara before go shopping?!

May I do this on stage? October 11, 2010

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I had a very interesting conversation this morning with a good friend on how to bring the message of your business, how you should describe your activities, how you must be identified by potential clients, what is your reputation…

How to be different? How to emerge in your competitive market and differentiate yourself from your competitors?
Silicon Valley is a very exciting place, but also a very tough place to address for French companies.
I’m still working on it though.

Steve Ballmer has the same problem. Google, Facebook, Twitter, so many companies to compete with or to buy…

If you look for a dynamic speaker for your next Corporation Summit, I can do the same for you. Reach me on Twitter.

Geektrip Live, episode 4 July 28, 2010

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Clairement, evoluer aux Etats-Unis pour un Europeen, et un Francais en particulier : n’oubliez JAMAIS que ce que vous dites, comment vous vous comportez, n’est absolument pas compris comme dans votre pays d’origine.

Laissez tomber l’impression de charme fou, que vous pouvez degager habituellement : ici tout le monde s’en fout, personne ne le voit. Pensez simplement au prochain RDV Business, a faire avancer votre projet, votre entreprise et ne vous laissez pas griser par les impressions superficielles glanees lors de vos soirees.

Where is Israel on your map? October 13, 2009

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[fr] Toujours repousser les limites technologiques… Leçon de Business avec Loic Le Meur May 20, 2009

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Merci Loic.
Le 1er chiotcast ever. Rien que pour WatZatSong.com

Another metaphor about being entrepreneur May 16, 2009

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Any Given Sunday

Life is not a movie. Life is not a football game.
But make each fxxxxxx inch a victory, a fight… I know this. I mean the fight. Victory is about to come. I hope.

Fighting fireFighting fire

Source: Kristof Pattyn

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