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About Phil Jeudy


Phil Jeudy

Passionate about high tech, I have been involved in IT since the beginning of my career, and I also have held various financial positions in international companies.

I’m an expat living in San Francisco bridging innovation and emerging technologies between Silicon Valley and Europe. I do survey the latest market trends and bring that knowledge to my clients, helping to bridge the gap in the United States and in Europe. And vice versa.

I’m the creator of a new concept of business trips in Silicon Valley: I named it “Geektrip”. More business focused, it’s an accelerator and kind of incubator. You have no idea what can happen within a week with a G.O. like me. If I’m contacting you here, there must be a good reason.

In short: I like to make the impossible achievable, because there is always a way.

I’m a Board Advisor for startups WatZatSong.com (music community portal) and Investor in Koko Entertainment. I’m a writer at Lexpress.fr with my blog Le Journal de la Silicon Valley. I have been co-organizing in Paris Barcamps, with focus on Mobile, Video and Open Source and co-organize the Ignite events with Damien Douani.

On Twitter, I’m PhilJ

Check what Geektrip is, with this interview in French:

Last work experience 

European Mobile Account Manager, from May 2005 until November 2007

Mobile Division of SEGA Europe

Responsibility for maintaining relationships with the European Operator partners:

  • Covering Southern territories: France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, and in addition Turkey, Benelux, Switzerland, Israel, Cyprus, Malta, Morocco, Algeria, Center Africa (Celtel)
  • Negotiations with main MVNOs in France (Virgin Mobile, NRJ Mobile, M6 by Orange, Fnac Mobile, Universal Mobile, Ten Mobile, Tele2
  • Additional channel of distribution: negociating with Cellfish, Index Multimedia, Pixtel, Mediabilis, Mediaplazza (all France), Mobile Media/Mocondi/Overloaded (for severall carriers in Europe), End2end (for Proximus and TMN), Inmobia (Celtel), Mobile Solutions (Swisscom), Antenna (Greece)

Seeking out new mobile opportunities in Southern Europe:

  • Technologic investigation with Adobe, Qualcomm, STMicroelectronics, Gemalto, Oberthur Card System, Sun Microsystems,
  • Cross marketing operations under/past discussions with Coca Cola, EMI, Canal+, Eurosport, Jetix, Yahoo, Fon (mobile projects in France)

Additional projects:

  • Europacorp for worldwide rights on all mobile contents for “Arthur and the Minimoys”
  • SEGA handsets with Modelabs (5 countries), Tedemis (branded handsets)
  • Accessories with MCA
  • Symbian version of games with Filao (SDC cards in US, OTA in Europe)

Head of wap portal for French subsidiary, preparation of BtoC off portal with main aggregator in Europe

10/2004 3/2005     EFFICIO, TO 5 M€, 15 salaries, barter company based in Brussels (headquarters)

Business Development

Develop french subsidiary (target : key accounts) forecasting participation of capital investment firms

12/2003 2/2004    Group MANOIR INDUSTRIES, TO 290 M€, 3.000 salaries, plant of Nancy (54), TO 30 M€, 230 salaries

CFO (management of 5 people)

11/2002 12/2003    Group ELECTROLUX, TO 14.600 M€, 81.000 salaries, Division ELECTROLUX OUTDOOR PRODUCTS, Consumer Branch, for France, Belgium, Spain and Portugal, TO 80 M€, 40 salaries

CFO (management of 5 people)

Management of 4 people (Accounting & Credit Controller)

Participation in IT and Logistics projects

9/2000 11/2002     Computerlinks TO 25 M€, 40 salaries, distribution and services, subsidiary of Group Computerlinks (quoted in Neuer Market in Francfort)

CFO (management of 5 people)


4/1997 6/2000     Laurent Bouillet Entreprise TO 80 M€, 500 salaries, installations and maintenance for specific equipments

Financial Controller (management of 6 people)

Including Responsibility of « EDP Project » (4,5 MF) relating to ERP implementation (accounting and logsitics) in 1998, EDP network creation with frame relay technology, investment in more than 60 PCs, Outsourcing of the accounting department in 1998 ;

2/93 3/97         Heidelberg France (TO 150 M€, 420 salaries), distribution, Heidelberg

« Chargé de mission » for Technical Director and Service Department (July 1995 until March 1997)

Including « User Manager » for the specific Techicnal Service Software Management (concerning 300 technicians, form service calls management untill invoicing), Member of EDP Comitee, Responsible for all EDP projects concerning Technical Direction with Heidelberg as supplier ;

Controller (Manager) : february 1993 – june 1995

10/90 – 1/93     Saunier Duval Electricite (TO 350 MF in 1995, 5.000 salaries), energy equipments installations and maintenance, subsidiary of SGE (Générale des Eaux, now Vivendi)

Controller, for Paris and area portfolio (about 95 M€) including Controlling of accounting and reporting of a subsidiary company (TO 2 M€, 10 people)

1/90 – 9/90     Compagnie Generale de Batiment et Construction (TO 205 M€ in 1995, 500 salaries) construction, Générale des Eaux subsidiary

Accountant, executive manager position


1. Alex - May 15, 2010

Hello Phil!

Long time bro… What’s up dude?

Am not anymore on #FB(sucks) but you/we are ”facebooked” on http://www.businessinsider.com/well-these-new-zuckerberg-ims-wont-help-facebooks-privacy-problems-2010-5

For fair use…
What’s going on with the FB crisis in USA?
Are you like Leo Laporte ?

Peace out,
Alex @greenkiss

Phil Jeudy - June 27, 2010

One day I hope to do the same 😉

2. JEUDY Lovensky - May 3, 2013

Hello Phil.
I am Lovensky i’m from Haiti. I’m looking for Jeudy in all over the world so i see your website and i wanna talk to you about a big project. So i am waiting for answer. I am on facebook as Lovensky Salam Jeudy and twitter as @Salamthebest. It’s important. May God bless and protect you.

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