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Hey Frenchies, don’t belive you can (all) fly October 30, 2011

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Silicon Valley, Uncategorized.

A great video is buzzing those day, showing 2 French guys playing with nature and explaining how they’re inspired by nature. Have a look…

Really inspiring, and apparently so easy, just with some preparations, testing height by sending some rocks, evaluating the angle,  a good equipment and let’s go! I wanna fly!!!


No. No guys, it’s scary, it’s crazy and almost impossible to do for the majority of us.


Now my point here: French “startups” and Silicon Valley. It’s the same thing. You must be ready to jump there like those guys, and you MUST be prepared. Because it requires a lot of preparation, a lot of knowledge, a lot of advices, a good equipment, and it’s just a 15 seconds jump. Well, if you have to possibility to pay for a 2nd jump, a 3rd jump, it does not matter, that’s cool. It’s called a “pivot”, and there are still so many paint points on B2B’s or niche in the consumers market, you can find happiness.

And I agree, it’s Paradise for developers, and there is still some money to get from VCs. There is more Business Angels than everywhere else, that’s true. But how to get out of the crowd, should you jump from Coit Tower by parachute to be identified? It’s all about connections. The right ones.

I like the conclusion of this guy about freedom. Like many others, I felt it in this huge playground Silicon Valley can be. But it’s not enough. If you don’t have a good parachute, don’t jump.


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