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Facebook Developer Garage May 12, 2011

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Silicon Valley, Ukraine, Web.
Facebook Developer Garage by Philjeudy
Facebook Developer Garage, a photo by Philjeudy on Flickr.

Facebook is expanding: 700 Millions of users seems to be the more updated amount those days.
Now in terms of development, the business model has been proved, but that’s a fact: you can make a huge amount of money with Facebook.
Zynga, Zong, iFeelGoods (soon very succesfull I hope) are examples of companies that did benefit from Facebook growth, and there are so many other examples.
Now, what about developers. I mean, you and I, having already produced sucessful applications on iOS, maybe Android (I said maybe), web ones… How how to port, how to develop, how to to get the traction, how to monetize, how to get the relationship with Facebook?
That is what Facebook Developer Garage is about. Look at the flags on the picture. Many cities are missing, and I expect to see one more very soon in a place with great and talented developers.

Keep fingers crossed, stay tuned…

Reminder: I’m a proud Board Member of Watzatsong, co-producer of a musical quiz on Facebook called CrazyCow (now We Are Music) with Freshplanet, and partner in the company which developed WittyWishes, a very pretty application to invite friends and manage your calendar on Facebook.


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