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Why we should stop comparing France and Silicon Valley April 27, 2011

Posted by Phil Jeudy in France, Silicon Valley.
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I saw another post yesterday in some tech blog from another “French expat in SF thinker” explaining, by visiting a very trendy place in Paris and talking with a random startup, why France will never be Silicon Valley.

Well, just “Silicon Valley” in a title is obviously a ticket for a high number of readers usually. But I think it’s time to switch from this enlightment stage, and as a passionate guy involve in bridging France and Silicon Valley, this is what I wrote…

“This is another cliche about comparing France and Silicon Valley. Would you compare pears and apples? Le ver et le papillon? France is a great place for technologie, and it’s not going to La Cantine, La Cuisine or Le Camping you can have a good overview of what’s going on there, what it’s good for, what France is providing in this area. Go to Regions, laboratories, incubators all around the Nation. We all know that Silicon Valley is not reproductible. In Paris, in Tel Aviv or in Moscow. We all know that France is a great place to develop R&D, with a big potential in grants, engineers, and even partners. Yes, can you believe it, you can make business in France. Better than reaching easily US tech bloggers, We all know that too.”

More about the source here.

I know, I work and write with a lot of passion, I told you.

Let me tell you this. I love my job. I love Silicon Valley, I love how great this region is, people, VCs, entrepreneurs… What has been created there for ages is unique, this ecosystem is not something you can copy and paste. We all know that. But please never forget that 2/3 of entrepreneurs here are not Americans.  There are even some French VCs (like an early stage one I know in Palo Alto) who are very active those days and succesful.

There are things happening in France which are not imaginable in Silicon Valley in terms of technology. And not just strikes! And it’s bringing France to a level which is unique too. A lot of French entrepreneurs I know in Silicon Valley did not forget that.

So let’s write on this too please. No more curation, just elaborate and develop the topic 😉


1. Roxanne Varza - April 27, 2011

🙂 Agreed.

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