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Mechanical Butterfly Studios is hiring a Lead Engineer April 1, 2011

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Gaming, Jobs.
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Mechanical Butterfly Studios is an independent game development studio located in San Francisco. A company is only as good as their technical ability allows it to be.  Great tools, solid, clean code and efficient and stable development processes allow teams to excel when it comes to creating compelling games.
MBS is looking for a wizard of an engineer to be part of the founding team.  A person that can handle and feels comfortable with overall game architecture, pipeline creation, tool development, graphics, optimization and gameplay code.  A self-starter that is disciplined, easy going and fun to work with, and can adapt to the challenges inherit to a start-up.

As a founding member of the company, this is more than just a job.  If you are looking for a steady pay check and nothing else, this is not the right position for you.  This is a position for someone with vision and courage to create their own path and to help shoulder the risk and burden it takes to create a studio.  We have all worked for companies that started out small and modest and grew into noteworthy studios.  To get there, their founders required faith, hard work and perseverance.  If that has been a dream of yours and your of the spirit and mind to do it, then please get in contact with us now.

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