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Watzatsong.com still on track! January 23, 2011

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Music, My business, startup.
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I’m a proud Board Member of Watzatsong since 2007. Board Singer too, I did a demo so many often!

What is Watzatsong? Do you have a song stuck in your head but wonder “what’s that song“? Record a short sample of the tune online anonymously on WatZatSong. The WatZatSong Community will listen and tell you what song it is!

When I met with Raphael Arbuz, I strongly believed that his concept of crowd-sourcing in music could be very powerful. I joined the Team with a lot of enthuiasm, and ideas. I love music (I love to sing that’s why). We’ve been together  everywhere possible in France, in UK too, to develop the business and get some VC money. We had some deals with Universal Music, Cafe.com, Virgin Mobile, and more recently with Freshplanet. We failed so far finding investors. The community never stop to be active. We love our fans.

We developed the website to launch a musical quiz product, and the website is still so successful!

We have regularly some PR, it’s really amazing, look at this Gadget Show video…

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