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Jasmine Revolution January 15, 2011

Posted by Phil Jeudy in News!.
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Tunisia 08

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I had the chance to visit this beautiful country: Tunisia. It was in the 90’s, (and more recently in 2008).
Seems that something is happening there. I remember some very interesting discussions I had there, like during this visit of Sousse and the Ribat.
I felt so many pride and belief for the country…
Now Ben Ali has quit. Now things may change.
I sincerely hope that this revolution will lead the people of Tunisia to the “libery, egality and fraternity” they’re dreaming of, and they deserve.
Portugal is a good example (Carnation Revolution), Ukraine maybe not (Orange Revolution). Just examples.
All the best for you guys…


1. Mourad ZAIED - January 16, 2011

Thanks Phil. Here is Revolution. People are together to defend their families and homes from milicians, corrupted policians and badboys working for some big businessmen of past president ben ali, who is in Saoudi Arabia Kingdom.
New Tunisia For All !

Phil Jeudy - January 16, 2011

Qui veut de belles choses doit veiller toute la nuit.
Les Tunisiens ont assez veille !

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