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First International Conference on the World-Wide Web September 14, 2010

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Geek.

I read many times people pretending: I started using Internet in 1995…

I suppose they were in Geneva in May 94, or Darmstad in April 95… or they worked for CERN 😉

Whatever in 95 i was in Tremblay-en-France, working here, running special operations for Technical Director, like implementing this electronic catalog for the whole Company, and also TSM, Service Software Maintenance system to manage Technical Department. I started to use internal email thanks to the curiosity of this CIO.

I used email and Internet for the 1st time with Compuserve while in charge of implementing an ERP and outsourcing the Financial Department for this company in Rueil-Malmaison.

Whatever if you want to remember when Internet started, then click on the picture.


1. DMY - September 14, 2010

Well… I was not working for CERN nor DARPA but connected at the University since 1993. (remember Renater?)
I then worked on a mission about the Internet for the Ministère de la Défense about internet connectivity in the army while my “service militaire”
oh, I also created a “web-agency” in 1995, using Mosaic for browsing and FTP, creating html pages with… notepad, and being indexed in the “UREC” website directory

so, you see every early internet user is not a mythomaniac and there was already many sideroads to use the Internet without being an advanced academic 😉

2. Phil Jeudy - September 14, 2010

Fred I know you’re very special 😉
Thanks for sharing this experience and for going through this obvious provocation.

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