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Do you know LvP? December 25, 2009

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Friends.
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Source: Laurence Thurion

It’s been a long time I started to tell some stories about some friends. In fact, Xtof Ducamp has been the only one up to now. A new event from Paris Chapter of Open Coffee gives me the opportunity to talk about LvP aka Louis van Proosdij (say it”proodi”).

As usual, the idea is not to tell a long story. I never have time to write long stories. I just wanna say: “Hi!” and give few words…

I met him… well it seems such a long time, I don’t remember exactly… We did together Mobile Web Camp and 1st iPhone Dev Camp in France at Le Cirque d’Hiver in October 2007 (he knows the place very well…), we enjoyed a lot. I like the fact to work with friends. This MWC was a big moment for me and a lot of people, a lot of friends… I started new deep friendships this day. Encore merci Louis.

There’s a lot of things I like in Louis. First those I can’t explain, I’m the only one to figure this out. Then a long list: the way he fights, the way he’s creative, the way he’s dedicated… His smile (always there), the way he looks at you…

And look, read his story, and everything he has done…

I would have loved to be in the Cryo Networks experience. Whatever, with Fairplay Interactive Louis is intensively working on, there’s a new interesting chapter to follow. A new Amazing Human Story!

Update: Happy Birthday Louis…

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