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KING CRIMSON? Mythic but definitely a bad example in today’s digital era April 23, 2009

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Music.
Cover of "Beat"
Cover of Beat

I discovered King Crimson a very long time ago. It was after a friend of mine, guitarist, introduce me to Yes, UK, Deep Purple…
Very instructive period…
Once I’m discovering an artist, I like to go through all the list of albums, and I did that for King Crimson: I remember two of them, “Beat” and “Three of a perfect pair“… The Blue and the Yellow!

My first music library has been built initially with Windows Media Player. I started to use iTunes later…

For some reason, I recently wanted to listen to those albums, which I had in fact in Wma format on an external hard disk. Too bad, I use a Mac, not compatible…

1st thing to do: ok, let buy it again, and go to iTunes… THEY ARE NOT THERE!!! WTF!!! Why?

I tell you, I have been very tempted to go somewhere on Internet and download it. Because not finding it is such a frustration. You can’t buy!

I refused to download for free (and gibe my email), or pay $1,38 to some Russian websites… That’s my approach.. but it would have been so simple!

I haven’t found them at Virgin store in San Francisco (they close the store). Today in Paris, just found Beat at Fnac Montparnasse… So crazy!

With such a crisis, how can a significant artist cut his arm buy not selling any digital version of his album? They thing to protect their IP, in fact they lose revenues. Not a lot of people are reacting than me and don’t care about getting their music for free on the web.

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1. DMY - April 24, 2009

You know Phil it’s really about the artists themselves but more about their producers.

In the 40’s 70’s 80’s, the music usually belongs to producers, not artists who get a share of the revenues but don’t own their copyrights.
Producers think in terms of big numbers and you’re probably right, not many people care about downloading King Crimson. At least legally.
If the artists themselves cared about digital downloads (but maybe they don’t really know what it’s about with the tons of TLS thos guys took back in the 70s), they couldn’ really do what they want.

To this point, I must say I’m confused about your position.
I understand that you bought those albums several times : hard vynil copies, maybe CD, then WMA.
Don’t you feel you own the music ?
Do you feel you have to pay for digital files once again when you paid to listen & own those albums 2 or 3 times already ?

I don’t feel the same.
For example, I don’t understand why when I buy a DVD I don’t have free access to digital downloadable files or on demand TV.
I don’t buy a piece of plastic, I buy the right to warch & own a movie

But maybe it’s just me

2. DMY - April 24, 2009

typos typos typos !!!

* it’s NOT really about the artists themselves but more….
* with the tons of LSD those guys took


3. philj - April 24, 2009

Don’t be confused my friend.
Of course I feel to own the album once I’ve bought it. But what can I do face to DRM issues?
Nothing, and that’s the 1st big problem. Please free digital from DRM!
Second problem: distribution. A lot of artist are afraid of selling their music online. Perhaps you’re right for KC (the producer hold the decision) but usually the artist is the one who block the situation. Which is stupid!

4. russ - April 30, 2009

If you have the cd’s or lps and of course your computer, you can make mp3s, itunes or cassette, from your music. I even make cd backup copies and keep my originals put up.

5. cordoo - June 24, 2011

The main guitarist, Robert Fripp, owns all rights to the music and sells the albums exclusively on dgmlive.com

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