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IFAW Germany “Amazing Jumbo Elephant Landing” – PSA 2009 March 29, 2009

Posted by Phil Jeudy in More about me.

Source: Snare1

Well I’d like to have some philosophical discussion here. I have tons of things to say, even if I don’t look like I am a spiritual guy. So let’s start.
Life can be divided in 3 parts:
– Training: range of age is variable, sometimes people can even leave us while still at this stage.
– Achievement: you do things, you realize yourself, you make it. Wait, you’re not down yet. Maybe that’s a Community Shadow effect, there’s one step more.
– Realization: you make your existence useful. Like when you have a kid, he’s 14, he looks at you and you can see in his eyes that you’re doing something for him, your life makes sense then. I can see that often, even if I can be capable to make mistakes like if I was at my first stage of existence.

I’m fed up to see all this shit around me sometimes, what human kind is doing down there. We are destroying nature, step by step, slowly… Maybe I should go through this topic in my 3rd stage. Soon I hope, I need to focus more my actions without collateral damages… Anyway, even if we are all little, very little, there’s always something we can do.


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