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Learn about yourself – Chapter 1 March 23, 2009

Posted by Phil Jeudy in More about me.

It’s always a big chance in your life to being able to recap a little bit of yourself. Share with someone. Whatever you’re not used to, one day you’ll come to a decision and you’ll remember.

I had this chance.

To start the experience: home of the free chart & Astrology report data output here. Try it out.

1st Chapter: Rising Sun is in 21 Degrees Sagittarius

You are know for being open, frank, ongoing and honest. At times, though, you are also blunt and quite indiscreet. Others have to learn not to take everything you say personally, because you usually do not mean any harm. You appreciate living your life in a straightforward and simple manner, you dislike social niceties and consider them to be hindrances to real communications. You have lots and lots of energy and tend to become quite restless if you feel confirmed. You demand the freedom to do as you chose – you must be self – directed or you feel trapped and anxious. with your abundant energy, you enjoy being outdoors, and you should be attracted to physical exercise or those forms of sport which can help you burn off some of that excess energy. Very gregarious, you love to socialize, your innate enthusiasm livens up any gathering.


Agree in many points. There are some words I think to point out here:

-open: I think the worst thing in life is small and closed rooms. Lies and secret are in a manner expression of power, but in a very dangerous prospective. We owe nothing, just use, share and transmit. Openness gives you a kind of eternity feeling, which is much more fruitful in short term and potentially an evidence of your spirituality

-freedom: definitely a key in my life, my new life. I understand much more now the frequent frustration I’m feeling, that are often non return discussion, and total misunderstood with my close relations (that do not share this need I have)

-energy: I never realized this potential until recently as I’ve already been used to energize myself all the time. I should notice that this is something that has been revealed since I start working, my student period was more a minimalist era, as it all felt boring.


Well just my 2 cents.


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