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Today’s portrait. Who is xtof? January 3, 2009

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Friends.
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christophe-ducampShort introduction: few thoughts back on this crazy 2008 plus some interesting discussions recently gave me the idea to use my blog to talk more about people. Like some friends I’m lucky to have. Or just people I wanna talk about. Not usual for me but…

I met Christophe Ducamp at the very beginning of Open Coffee in Paris. 2006 maybe. I knew him first because of it’s reputation. He was co-author of “Les Blogs” (M2 Editions), and a sort of web expert. He’s much more than that!

I’m always smiling when he says “I’m not a coder”. Ok but this guy can write this.

Funny thing with Christophe is that he is known not only in France, but also the US for example, we discovered that when we traveled for the 1st Trade Mission Tour (aka GeekTrip#1). A big emotion when he met Steve Ganz from Linkedin, after a translation in French he made from one of Steve’s interview.

Steve Ganz and Christophe Ducamp at Linkedin office

Even if you’re going to 6Apart, or Google, there would be one guy that know Christophe. Including the big guy from Seesmic! If you have checked the previous link about Steve Ganz’s interview, another interesting thing to understand from Christophe: on his website it’s said “This is my private work space. Feel free to participate”. A good summary! I love that!

If you want to see more of his translations in French, go there.

Since all his investment and work on Internet, always with understanding, his main focus are now microformats, OpenID (he’s the French representative), semantic (here explanations regarding Twine, a semantic website), hCards. Click on some link to know more about, or just listen to this video made by Henri Kaufman (in French).

Christophe knows perfectly how to describe clearly those complex concept.

A big guy, I tell you. Really impatient to see more of his projects for 2009!

Christophe doing some shopping in San Francisco

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1. Nicolas Schriver - January 4, 2009

Very Nice hommage to Christophe Ducamp. I actually enjoyed my meeting with him during the Geek trip. I think the Open ID and microformat projects he is the evangelist are great!

Also great video from Henri.

2. DMY - January 7, 2009

You forgot to mention that Christophe is probably one of the only people in this business who is totally committed in his projects but at the same time ironic about all this.
We are not saving the world, he knows that and makes all this so enjoyable.

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