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Videogame: Conference not to miss in Paris June 5th! June 1, 2008

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Fun, Gaming.
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I’ll miss this coming Thursday a (potentially) very interesting conference dedicated to videogame in Paris, at “La Cité des Sciences”, June 5th: “Jeux vidéos : création et recherche”.

Not exactly the speakers, but the topics reflects to me some keys of this art:

-Creation (Stephane Bole here, Nintendo is on the place!)

-Research (Nicolas Gaume here, always there when it’s about videogame)

-Immersion (Eric Viennot is one of the speaker, I loved to play with my son and “Oncle Ernest“)


-Body (Wii games, avatars…)

I haven’t been much involved in creation but from what I saw in my recent experience on videogame was the lack of emotion in creation, promotion.

Videogame is (to me) absolutely linked to this basic point, and I fully agree about what I’ve heard once from Sylvain Huet, formet Cryo guy now working at Musinaut: he mentioned that as a key element. And he knows what he’s talking about!

Maybe there are to much videogame companies quoted in stock exchange, and now there are only rooms for licence as a mass market product. Very funny when you know that beside 10 games produced by a publisher, only one or two will be successful and reach break even. Out of all succesful casual games distributed on Nintendo DS for example, very cheap but sold well!

Well that’s just a dream, because creating, developing, promoting is game means a massive amount of money. And look the story of Infogrammes

Guys, just give us more emotion!

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