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Sonic downloads on mobile phones reach 8 Mio! May 31, 2008

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Gaming.
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“Sega has now sold over 8 million units of Sonic the Hedgehog on mobile in Europe and the US” says ME.

I’ve always said, and remain to, that SEGA on mobile gaming would be a killer publisher…

For many reasons:

– SEGA is known by everybody, eveywhere

– The brand is considered very positively… I always got smiles from people I met during more than 2 years

– The same for Sonic: well known and loved by young and older!

– Game concept: many of SEGA games are adapted to mobile handsets… Like Sonic, ChuChuRockets, Alex Kid and many others… Sometimes you just need one thumb and that’s it! Don’t ask for more to someone who wanna play 5 minutes on his phone.

– SEGA has developed in Japan a HUDGE business, with a river of games… Once well co-ordinated, in Europe for sure and in America, SEGA could be one of the unique competitor face to EA, which has to me the biggest potential to be the n°1 without any discussion, as well as on PC and console.

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Bonuses: other pics on FlickR stream (WordPress once again is still @#,!^$…)


1. Nicolas Schriver - June 1, 2008

I am totally agree with you. Sega owns a great experience to develop games, and also well known licenses like Sonic.
That’s such a pitty it did not work out for you there. But maybe one of the problem is that it would have required more time in Europe to really explode.

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