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Why should I organize a new Barcamp: OpenCamp in Paris June 28th! May 24, 2008

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Web.

A good story is composed from several items:
– the aim
– the people
– the location

I don’t have any obsession to organize events, neither ambition nor any other kind of obligation.

Just the will to share, collaborate, initiate.

Regarding Barcamps, I just love the concept: this format is changing the views you can have from a topic, and interactions between people. They give possibility to ANYBODY to talk an that’s good because you often meet the same people within the sphere. And they are not always necessarily the best one to give messages.

That’s one of reasons why a Barcamp theme cannot be owned by any person neither association. It was good to see that the VideoCamp concept I have initiated in Paris with Mathieu Coste was interesting for some people… so interesting they could not wait for our first chapter and make their own event before!

– the aim

Web is becoming a complex stuff. More and more innovations as always in IT but not necessarily made simple neither dedicated to end users.  Mixing marketing and innovation can be dangerous. Everybody want to propose his horizontal social platform. Is that really about money in fact? I have the feeling that Internet is creating a big gap between services I can support and mass users.

– the people

I know Christophe Ducamp now for a few time (maybe a year…) but with intensive chapters. So I know him well. He’s representing OpenID in France, with a strong capacity to explain simply complex problems. He knows many people! Patrick Chanezon is one of the most inspiring guy I met, API evangelist for OpenSocial at Google, he’s very convincing and smart, and he’s in Paris for 2 weeks end of June.

– the location

Philippe Nieuwbourg is an expert in Information Technology topics for a long time now, and he has created the equivalent of the Computer History Museum (Mountain View, USA) at La Defense on the roof of La Grande Arche, Le Musée Informatique. I have discovered his Museum last year and I really wanted to organize something with him there…

Just a detail but Le Toit de la Grande Arche is also the Toit Citoyen (could be translated at Citizen Roof) which is the official place for Works Council people.

We were in Google (GeekTripSFO), end of March during the study trip I’ve organized, Mountain View, and after more than one hour of discussion with Patrick Chanezon, he told us he will be in Paris at the end of June. I just said to myself that this “Open” thing (Christophe, part of the team, is evangelizing a lot regarding OpenID) would be great to organize. Then I remembered Le Toit de La Grande Arche.Then I asked Christophe Ducamp if he was interested to do it with me: he has a deep vision on past, current and coming status of Internet, and ha has a lot of things to say… Then I called Philippe, and get his final approval to organize at La Grande Arche.

This is the story. My new Altaide Valley project maybe won’t let me the possibility to be in Paris at this period. Anyway I’ll manage the event with Christophe as much as possible!

Big deal I think!

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1. DMY - May 25, 2008

very interesting initiative Phil,
I have to be in Seattle monday 30th firts thing, so I scheduled to leave paris the exact day of the event, but I may postpone my departure to sunday.

2. xtof - May 25, 2008

touché par ton billet plein d’émotions. nous sommes en phase. cet opencamp appartient à tous. Un seul truc qui manque ici : dommage qu’on ne puisse pas seesmiquer pour te conforter dans ton effort sur une vidéoconversation. Bises

3. Patrick Chanezon - June 11, 2008

Merci Philippe et xtof, ca va etre un super camp!
La connexion avec openid est tres forte, cf Friend Connect.
Je vais inviter tous mes potes:-)
A bientot.

4. Summertime and the livin’ is easy - June 24, 2008

[…] about OpenSocial, OpenID, other APIs and whatever the developers who come want to talk about. Philippe wrote a nice summary about why he organized the […]

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