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12seconds, a new video project May 21, 2008

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Web.

12seconds.tv is all about short video updates of your life. Share what’s up or where you are using the magic of 12 second video clips. 12seconds… Keeping it pithy since 2008!

1st video here…
Testing 12 seconds

It seems the embed code not working yet perfectly so you have to click on the link to see the interface and start to sign up.

I still have few invites if you’re interested.

What is 12seconds?

12seconds lets you create and share short video updates with your friends and family. You can use your web-cam or your video cell phone to make them. You get 12 seconds for each update.

Why 12 seconds?

There is no particular reason why it’s 12 seconds and not 10 or 15. 12 is a good number. We like 12. But the main idea here is to keep things quick. To keep things pithy. You can sing “Happy Birthday” in 12 seconds, you can share moments of your vacation in 12 seconds. You can show people where you are or tell them what you’re up to in 12 seconds. If you need more time, record another one. Be creative; we think you’ll find that 12 seconds is plenty of time.

12seconds and Twitter

The alpha version is designed to use Twitter as a way to update your friends about your new videos. If you register your Twitter account with us on the 12seconds settings page, every time you post a video update here, we’ll update your Twitter with a new post.

Who is 12seconds?

12seconds is a wee side project for some Santa Cruz, CA geeks.

The Blog is here.

The pixel is good, being compelled to talk through this 12 seconds format is like texting in less than 140 characters!

That’s a detail but I liked this follow-up on invites, to know if fellows have subscribed or not.

The social feature is simple… not viral yet… Seesmic has some months of advance on this kind of project, but I like their vibes!

Hope to meet them in June.


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