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Mobile Visual Search Engine on the Apple iPhone April 21, 2008

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Web.
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Gilles Bruno, from Agendeo.fr, highlighted this video to me, found on Fred Cavazza’s blog

Object recognition services is not new on mobile, I was discussing in 2005 with a Communication agency specialized in Japan high tech survey, to launch and test a service to be finally deployed in France through Olympus technology Dig it ! (Java application).

But you surely haven’t heard a lot regarding this service, as usually in mobile industry: to be identified and maybe deployed, the only chance for a smart application on mobile has to come through a Telco. The overall destiny of any mobile application is under carrier’s control, and this is the main issue for them.

Carriers do not behave like ASP in terms of pricing as they globally considering themselves as content providers, sometimes worst as Media… And the result is that all mobile services industry is struggling for distribution problems instead of developing… then die slowly.

The main difference with iPhone is the access to the platform for developing which is easy, then the only problem is to get identified by potential users. The thing is that there is not yet a number sufficient of iPhone users up to now (200K units in UK, 100K in France, 70K in Germany) … that will change for sure!

For more information on video, just visit www.evolution.com.


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