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boost mobile Unlimited! April 20, 2008

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Wireless.
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I’m back in San Francisco for one week and attend to Web 2.0 Expo.

Last time I came in March 08, I had a bill from Orange France that reached 1.500€, including 600€ for data use (just checking my emails for one week!).

So I made the decision to do some cost killing, because I can’t spend the money I don’t have!

I was in a shop in SF, on my way to buy a prepaid card, when this very cool Jeffery proposed me to take a line with boost mobile!

Simple: 45$ per month, unlimited call!

You just have to buy a handset (109$ is the first price if I remember well, a Motorola very basic), you have the first month included in the handset price!

Just 10 sec to think, then I took it… in fact I’ve chosen the offer including text and web navigation.

Whatever rumor saying that the network is not perfect (boost mobile use Sprint network), the fact that the handset is a medium one, this is just a great idea, a good product for me! The only thing to do is to pay every month, or you lose your number. More details here.

There is the possibility to suscribe to Boot V.I.P. and get some free contents. Now I will try to check my email and maybe go Twitter!

The US market is very competitive, with many MVNOs challenging the big ones… A big change with French market, still not challenged enough.

More details on boost mobile.


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