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Neurosky: Future is now! March 31, 2008

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Web.

I remembered the deal signed with Neurosky and Musinaut announced weeks ago while there was some famous bloggers conversation on Twitter today.

The idea was…”let’s go to sleep blablabla…we could tweet while we sleep blablabla”. No matter what details are, they are just competing in the most tweets can made per day… and they are both very strong at this game.

Back to business.

Neurosky (based in San Jose, California) has developed cost-effective and “wearable” (dry) bio-sensor and signal processing technology specifically designed for end-use in the consumer market.

They have signed some deals: amongst those one with Sega Toys (world is small…) and Musinaut. Regarding the second project, the idea is that headset captors detect music listeners emotions to drive him into several skin available of songs developed through MXP4 technology. No that’s not science fiction…

So, maybe Jack Dorsey should help his addicted customers by discussing with Neurosky to provide a connected solution for tweeting dreams.

Would you like to tweet your dreams? I would, I never remember my dreams. Every morning.


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