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Linkedin to celebrate 20 Mio users March 29, 2008

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Web.
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Wednesday March 26 was a very special day. First this was my emotional day. Linkedin has been a core tool for my achievements in my last position…and still is.

This is the key business social network platform to me, and I have many numbers to highlight this:

-larger of network…and it’s still progressing

-I’ve been successfully directly introduce to many people many times…and that’s still true

-number of people requesting to join my network, not far to be a daily thing sometimes

-and I can mention also the number of people trying to reach some contacts through me

I don’t give any figures, no ego-post here. The quality of people you can connect with in terms of focus has no equivalence neither the potential in terms of quantity.

There are new features like the Company News being tested at the moment with some key companies (Electrolux is +80K people worldwide), and some news are about to come (french version?). Linkedin joined the Open Social movement, and there are high qualified profile here, not only technical ones.

The last agreement signed with APEC in France or Business Week in UK is a sign of the beginning of expansion strategy.

There are many partnerships to explore, and the former ideas I wrote when I was suggested as French Ambassador for Linkedin are still valid. So now I wait for some call from UK for being in position to develop and achieve them:

-mobile purposes

-geographical expansion


-and some additional…





1. Nicolas Schriver - March 31, 2008

I am totally agree with you Phil. LinkedIn is one of the best way to get in contact with your peers. Also, a lot of people use it to keep track of their network. Sometimes people change of companies, and it is hard to know where they moved. LinkedIn allow you to know what your business network is doing.

I think the position of French business developper at LinkedIn will suit you perfectly.

That would be great to develop mobile uses of LinkedIn, especially during conferences and mixers. Maybe you could have the list of the guests on LinkedIn, which will allow you to know who you want to talk to. Also, you could exchange via bluetooth contact information.
Anyway, I wish you could become French ambassador.

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