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VideoCamp confirmed and other stuffs…kind of pamphlet March 10, 2008

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Fun.


I think I’ve already told end of last year some objectives I had regarding this coming Barcamp… No many more things to add, except that it will take place next Saturday June 7th at La Cartonnerie in Paris (159 rue Saint Maur Paris 11)…

La Cartonnerie

This place is the right one regarding this kind of event… Thank you Arnaud for accepting to host us… And now if any sponsor is interested, please contact me, now time for that issue!

I won’t neither explain why the VideoCamp we initiated won’t really be the first to be organized…in Paris. It’s just written somewhere and nobody cares (euh, not sure…).

But as it seems that sometimes your personal initiatives are followed by some fellows, and I want to inscribe my thoughts on the rocks (shall I say that?), not to be lost and for being the first, these are some other Barcamp I’d like to start to work on (maybe…not you can leave the post, the more intersting to read is above):

-BizouketteCamp: we are never precursor enough, no more taboos

-LefthandedCamp: we are more and more numerous, surely something to say about that

-PetCamp: never forget, they are your best friends…they are faithful and honests

-MixedsocketcolorsCamp: we don’t care about wearing codes, and we want to say it loud

Well, that’s enough, not too much at the same time, even if the envy is strong 😉


1. pedro - March 12, 2008

hi there
would just like to point out that the link at
is wrong, instead of pointing to
it’s pointing to

and it’s not listed on the main page on barcamp.org

i’m thinking of attending

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