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Party Competition in Paris January 29, 2008

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Paris.

A good issue today for all Parisians (you know people who loves…).

Where should I go?

Fanny’s Party

Paris Blogue-t-il ?

On one hand…Montparnasse area, difficult to park your car, no wifi connection, really no more cigarettes (?), lot of Parisians but not only, lots of blablabla…

On the other hand…Opera area, rock&roll and geek atmosphere, gifts, pay your drinks, Virgin shop not far away and closing late (if you get bored…)…

Whatever if you’re a bozo or not (see Charles Liebert for some explanations)…well make your choice, nobody cares 🙂

Joanna, it’s tonight 😉


1. DMY - January 29, 2008

it seems that you’re heading to the rock n roll geek one !

2. Joanna - January 29, 2008

yep! thanks Phil !
But this time will not be able to make it. Have fun.

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