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Another coming show for mobile: Beijing in April for Mobea VI and WWW2008 January 27, 2008

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Wireless.


The International World Wide Web Conferences Steering Committee (IW3C2) and Beihang University cordially invite people to participate in the 17th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2008), to be held in Beijing.

The so called “World Wide Web” Conference “is a global event bringing together key researchers, innovators, decision-makers, technologists, businesses, and standards bodies working to shape the Web. Since its inception in 1994, the WWW conference has become the annual venue for international discussions and debate on the future evolution of the Web”.

The concept is: “One World, One web”. Very interesting, especially when this comes from an event organised in China… Nevertheless…

“The conference will explore how Web access is moving from the desktop to cell phones and TV screens, and how most users are moving from passive browsing experiences on the Internet to active participation in building Web communities”.

The MobEA VI conference is colocated with WWW2008.

Seems very interesting…”Mobile Web Initiative spearheaded by W3C is making a strong stand on how to realize the vision of pervasive mobile computing. Three screen services (TV, PC, Phone) are demanding new architectures to be developed. Furthermore, the need to go beyond technology, demands an embrace of the human-centric aspects of mobile computing. The objective of this workshop is to provide a single forum for researchers, sociologists, and technologists to discuss the state-of-the-art, present their contributions, and set future directions in Personal applications for mobile users with a focus in rich social media. W3C has started a number of initiatives along the direction of Mobile Web Best Practices, Device Description Working Group, Device Independence Working Group and others”.

My personal regret so far is that nothing from W3C and Mobile Web Initiative communicates a lot, but for knowing more or participate requests more to be in London…or come to China… I was expecting much more when I asked them to come at first MobileWebCamp in Paris. I must admit that in the same time, when you ask in a Conference in Paris to some managers from French carriers the involvment in such organisation from their companies…they look at you as if you’re an alien. So…

The topics are:

  • Mobile browser as a rich content creation environment

  • Convergence and emergence of Social Networking trends on the mobile

  • User Generated Content, content authoring from a mobile phone

  • Mobile browser as a rich application environment

  • Role of voice and multimodal technologies/applications

  • Mobile Ajax, JSF, SVG-T etc. What role do Ajax toolkits have to play in bringing rich experience to the mobile browser?

  • Models for rich media client (thin / thick)

  • Media adaptation and content filtering

  • Key rich media applications to leverage the development/use of mobile web in developing countries

  • Use of the mobile web and social media as a tool of political activism

  • Mobile gaming and location based services, mobile P2P applications

  • 3D mobile technologies

  • Wireless/wireline convergence � IMS, seamless mobility, interactive mobile TV

  • VOIP, mobile rich messaging/advertising services and business models

  • Next generation IPTV service infrastructure and Cross Platform Services (e.g. 3 screen services – TV, PC, phone)

  • Experience for IPTV and socially aware mobile entertainment services

  • Emerging Mobile Rich Media and IPTV standards

 Submissions will be solicited and all papers are subject to peer review, see Mobea VI website for more informations….Deadlines are

February 18th 2008: Submission of full and position papers

March 7th 2008: Notification of acceptance

March 10th 2008: Camera-ready copies due

April 22nd 2008: Workshop day

Found thanks to Daniel Appelquist


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