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Mobile Monday Shangai: Mobile Video, TV and Streaming January 24, 2008

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Wireless.

Mobile Monday Shangai

Mobilemonday Shanghai is back on January 28th 2008…

The pitch: While companies like Tudou (and other web video download and PtoP services) proudly claim they have more downloads (in minutes) than Youtube, the situation in mobile is more sketchy. Slow bandwidth, regulation and IPR are the three main issues clogging growth. Yet new players have emerged, such as Dragon New Media, 3G.cn, ivision China, Green Tomato, Streamezzo etc coming from different angles, such as TV broadcast, video or streaming multimedia content businesses. Recent regulation from MII/SARFT regulating video download may also heavily influence this industry soon. ”

The 2 companies to speak will be Streamezzo we know here in Europe and Dragon New Media.

Once again, I won’t go in Shangai. But I’d like to so much because the specificity of Asian market in mobile is to be followed closely. That’s a reason why you will frequently find here news about the work of my friend Bruno Bensaid in China.

And I like his ten ‘house’ rules for the event, which are:

1. Friends, family and other animals not allowed. This is not a social gathering.
2. Kathleen 5 has a great Happy Hours offer. We don’t. Alcohol is limited, please drink moderately
3. No smoking please. Smoking kills. Smoking and dull presentations kill faster.
4. Silence is golden, except for the speakers. Please give them a chance to talk.
5. Please pre-register online. Seats are limited (literally!!) and so are free drinks coupons (more importantly!!).
6.  Don’t register if you know you won’t come or you are only 10% sure. You would end up taking someone else’s seat at the event. 
7. If you meet our sponsors from Tekes/FinChi or Widsets/Nokia, don’t forget to thank them. We need the money.
8. Carry enough name cards, you never know who you will meet (could launch your acting career)
9. Momo is an open community – Don’t hesitate to challenge our speakers and fuel the discussion. Besides, you might be our next speaker, so don’t hesitate to suggest your favorite topic, and let’s make it an event.
10. Lastly, don’t piss Bruno off. He is a Frenchman! C’est la vie. 


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