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Thank you Wistro! January 6, 2008

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Web.
Thank you WistroOriginally uploaded by Le Fil…The Blog

Free wifi is a very variable data.

In Paris like everywhere else, sometimes you have to pay, sometimes not.Why should we have to pay for free wifi? Well little everything has a value, and each one needs money to work and be long-lasting.

Big issues on Internet Wonderful Wild World: audience, fair price and break-even point.

Which solution, if not invoicing (or not invoicing enough): advertising? If not then it’s changing your model into BtoB one.

There must be another way. I haven’t create this proverb (seems I’ve already noticed it somewhere, but where…), but I know many people working on that topic.

In the meantime, if you’re on Paris and don’t want to pay any fee for Internet (Internet is a free world I’ve heard), just click there to have your free wifi access in some coffee place!


1. DMY - January 6, 2008

Great page
but why the hell don’t those giuys create an application that updtaes and work when you’re offline ?
Orange did the same : a widget to find hopspots
But it only works if you’re connected, and usually when you’re looking for a connection, you’re not connected….

Or they culd do a mobile page, with some LBS

Come on guys ! be creative !

2. philj - January 6, 2008

They are too focusing on their ARPU. Do they really care their customer needs?

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